Nintendo's Real World Easter Egg

I found this spotted egg hidden on my front doorstep this evening inside a plain white box.

Inside the Yoshi Egg? Appropriately enough, a tiny Yoshi and a SD card packed with some new images from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Enjoy the feast!


    Yoshi eggs are made of wood? Who knew!

    Just wait till PETA get a hold of this info..

    I mean if they get pissed enough about people eating chicken eggs - imagine how hard the stuff will hit the fan when they find out people are breaking open and consuming unborn Yoshi's!!!

    I wish I got sent cool stuff like that!

    you can buy those yoshie keychains and plush version's @ GAME stores. i think the keyrings are $5

    Yeah, the missus has that exact key chain.

    As for the egg, poor yoshi indeed, imagine the splinters! :P

    That egg is gorgeous! I think I'd like to make something like that for friend's easter presents next year :)

    I didn't know Nintendo did PR like this.

    I love the egg! It surprises me why Nintendo doesn't sell Yoshi Easter Eggs, actually...

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