No More Heroes 2 Inspires The First Video Game Lingerie Collection

Behold the ultimate touchdown for fans of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, as three lingerie designs from the game become reality.

You or your significant other might never be as attractive as the girls from No More Heroes 2 or the fashion models showing off these three lingerie designs from Bedtime Flirt inspired by the game, but you can sure as hell try. Send pictures.

In an article posted in the smut rag Daily Sport, UK publisher Rising Star Games' managing director Martin Defries explains the reasoning behind the real-life No More Heroes 2 underwear. "No More Heroes 2 is all about style. We wanted to offer fans of the game the opportunity to replicate that cool in real life."

I'm not sure cool is what these outfits will be replicating. In fact, I'm a little scared. On one hand, some incredibly sexy cosplay could come of this. On the other hand, some incredibly unsexy cosplay could come of this. Such is the peril of cosplay.

Check out the full page below for details on how UK residents can enter to win the whole set, hopefully in the correct size, and keep an eye on the Bedtime Flirt website for the No More Heroes 2 lingerie collection.

Originally discovered via FortNintey's Twitter


    FINALLY! a practical and well thought out use for the wii! Now which place of business (or web address)do I point my wife towards?

    What a horrible newspaper headline. But what else would you expect from the British tabloids

    I can only support what I see as an effort to produce what will undoubtedly be a booming industry.

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