No More Joker For Luke Skywalker?


Okay, Mark Hamill isn’t just Luke Skywalker, star of Star Wars. He’s also Luke Skywalker, star of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Video game Wing Commander, too! He’s also in World War II movie The Big Red One and 1970s comedy Corvette Summer. To be fair, the man has done a buncha stuff!

And he’s done a bunch of voice acting, like the Joker in venerated program Batman: The Animated Series. He returned to the role for Batman: Arkham Asylum and will once again for the sequel Arkham Asylum 2. But after that, he’s apparently done with the character.

“This will be my last, there’s no question about that. But it’s the last hurrah.”

Smart money says he’ll be back and will be voicing the character in one way or another.

Mark Hamill Batman: Arkham Aslyum 2 Interview [IGN via VG247][Pic]


  • Maybe he’s hinting something about the future of the franchise, mabe Batman Arkham Asylum 3? will be about someone other than the Joker.

  • He does the best Joker hands down, and thats certainly something when you only do the voice over for him!

    His voice adds so much to the character that actors cannot even touch.

    I can understand why he is doing this, but I hope he takes it back.

    • He doesn’t really sound like Luke at all when he’s doing Joker, so it’s pretty understandable. I went in knowing he was voicing Joker, but I doubt I would’ve picked it if I didn’t already know.

  • He voiced Joker in the animated series in the early 90s too.

    And Kevin Conroy voiced Batman in the animated series and B:AA aswell. Thats why the game was so awesome because it had those 2 coming together once again after so long.

  • I like it how he claims that he didn’t want to do AA2 because he didn’t feel they could top AA 😛

    I absolutely adore Mark Hamill’s voice acting work. He has a wondeful range of roles, and pulls them all off in outstanding style. Please keep going, Mark! There is still good in him. I can feel it.

  • Those Avatar (Airbender, NOT JAMES CAMERON) fans out there, he also voiced Firelord Ozai and was pretty fantastic too. I had no idea it was him until well after.

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