No One Has To Know You’re Using Strategy Guides On Steam

No One Has To Know You’re Using Strategy Guides On Steam

Steam and Prima have teamed up to free you from the shame of purchasing strategy guides at retail, with a selection of downloadable guides you can launch directly from Steam’s UI overlay.

Whether you’re having trouble with the final boss battle in Dragon Age: Origins, or you can’t figure out where you’re being sniped at from in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Steam and Prima have you covered. The first batch of six in-game Prima guides go up for sale on Steam today, allowing players to download and read at their leisure, or pop them open directly in the Steam overlay, where they can quickly be hidden from view in case you have company.

Each guide costs $US19.99, but in celebration of the launch, each is currently half off, or $US9.99.

I buy strategy guides myself, mainly because I enjoy having a physical record of the games I’ve played. That, and they look very nice on my bookshelf. In my case, downloadable strategy guides are a waste, but for others they could be a real lifesaver.

Prima Strategy Guides [Steam – Thanks Jon!]


    • Cos you have to dig through user created guides without pretty pictures! Yeah Gamefaq rocks, a lot of the users have way too much time to dissect games to the level they do. Pity they don’t put more effort into their visuals (maps)

  • lol pay for guides, that’s funny. I just load up gamefaqs on my iPhone. Hey, a portable strategy guide that didn’t cost me a cent, hooray!

    Now if only I had an iPad, it’d be even better…

  • The major problem I have with physical guide books is that they become woefully out of date all too soon, and cost far more than they are worth. Just look at any WoW guidebook. WoW is patched so often that these books are likely out of date within two months.

    • There’s a difference between MMOs and normal games.

      I’ve got a couple of them for games that I particularly liked (Smash Brothers Melee) and/or were cheap (Perfect Dark (2 bucks!)) and

  • This is a good idea (well, its an old idea that someone has finally done!). But $20USD per guide? Thats 50% of the cost of most of the games… and since you miss out on the physical book: a complete rip off.

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