Ocarina Of Time's Goron Leader Gets A Cheeky Statue

Prepare for some naked Goron arse as you behold the majesty of First 4 Figures' Darunia, Goron Leader, statue.

This cheeks-out statue of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Darunia stands 15 inches tall and is set to hit the U.S. later this year for just under $US155.

The statue is also built to scale with First 4 Figures' other Ocarina of Time creations.


    it's kinda creepy... all i see when i look at it is a naked hobo that spends his money on 'roids rather than booze

    Looks pretty cool, but aside from the size, i wouldnt consider it to be something that should cost $US155

    They didn't think to include a loincloth or something? Which begs the question how they reproduce as he obviously doesn't have any genitals.

    Is it wrong that I looked at the crotch before anything else?

      Depends, I was looking for the cheeks. I think we're both not quite right...

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