Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Now Shipping

Microsoft's official, over-priced USB drives for the Xbox 360 are on their way to US retailers as you read this. So what do you get for your money?

You get...a Sandisk-branded USB thumb drive! And not just any USB thumb drive, one that's black, with a giant XBOX 360 logo on it. As we know, they'll come in two flavours, 8GB and 16GB, priced at $US35 and $US70 respectively.

What do you think, is that kind of premium worth it for a logo and a matching (provided you've got an Elite) colour scheme?

If you're wondering just why you even need a USB drive for your 360, this video should explain things nicely.

Kotaku AU Note: Microsoft has yet to confirm the availability of the USB drives in Australia.


    Shove it Microsoft.

    M$ truely are greedy, useless wankers. No internet out of the box, machines just shit themselves when a mouse farts on them, fan louder than 'the Kerrigans' back yard, and over priced and restrictive memory "solutions"...

    Seriously if it wasn't for the hand full of exclusives and my preference for the xbox controller i'd give my wallet permission to tell M$, Xbox and everyone inbetween to EFF OFF.

    Hmmm. I feel better now.

    P.S. David do you think they will unveil a 'SlimBox' at E3.

      I don't think we'll see an Xbox 360 Slim at E3. Microsoft would surely prefer to launch a re-designed console closer to Christmas, around the time of Halo Reach or the Natal launch. Obviously they cannot announce it at E3 in June if it isn't launching for another four months.

        hey david, why are game companies, and consumers, so obsessed with slim consoles? it makes no difference to game play, as far as i know and its not really anything worth bragging about to your friends; it just doesn't make sense.

          The "slim" console is a result of smaller internal components which are cheaper to manufacture and more reliable. It's a good thing for both the hardware company and the consumer.

            It's a shame it took them this long to fix it! Without red rings I'd have been an owner since Dead Rising!

    Can anyone link me to a site where they have tested some drives on 360s?

    I'd rather buy a cheap one too but keep hearing some don't work.

    Do they fit in the memory unit slot? or just the USB slot?

    Jimu, not a website but they tested some drives and externals on this youtube video.

    Yeah is it a USB? as that insert looks like it for a memory card slot... unless the other side uncovers to reveal the USB slot?

    Will pass on it myself, the 250GB hard drive is plenty of space for me

    I bought the same sandisk usb, only it was silver and 4gb, a year ago for $10 AUD. This price is ridiculous, but the thing is so many people will buy it still.

    Geez plenty of haters, don't buy one if you don't want it.

      Agreed. As I have posted before, I believe that the reason that xbox peripherals cost so much is because the console is sold for less than it costs to produce. Therefore money must be made back through games and peripherals.

      So if you would like you can have peripherals for perhaps half their current price, if you'll pay another 100 or 200 on the console. Now seeing as you HAVE to buy a console to play on one, but you DON'T have to buy the peripherals, I much prefer this way.

        Considering that the parts can be interchanged with any cheap commodity part, I don't see what the problem is.

    I beleive you can get a 16gb for $40ish (AU) dollars at MSY, and good brands like Kingston, Toshiba and even Sandisk.

    I say this not to hate Microsoft for overpriced products but to inform people of items that do the same or better job and are half the price.

    And what's the bet that if those offical X360 USB sticks come to Australia they will be $50 for 8gb and $100 for 16gb.

    well I spent $65 on a 16gb stick and the bloody thing doesn't work.

    If you go to (where I was directed for troubleshooting) it says that as long as you have 1gb free and the drive is fat32 then it will work. MINE DOESN'T WORK. MS YOU ASSHATS.

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