Once And For All, Mario Can Jump The Flagpole

GameTrailers took on, Mythbusters style, the legend that Mario can leap the flagpole in Super Mario Bros on the NES. And, whaddaya know, they indeed proved it true. World 3-3 is where you have the best chance of doing it yourself.Now, GameTrailers, next for you: Turning Smurfette naked in Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle on ColecoVision.

Pop Fiction, Episode 2 [GameTrailers]


    haha I like it, hope to see more of these. This has always been one of those 'my friend did it when i was a kid' kind of things.

    I didn't realise this was in question. I've jumped the flagpole loads.


    Was doing this nearly 20 years ago, I didn't realise this was a myth.

    I did this over a decade and a half ago.

    I think I did this, can't remember but I then grabbed the flag from the oposite side.

    Wow! Someone give an Internet Medal to all the commenters who have already done this!

    This is a pretty awesome idea of a segment. Interested to see what else they do. Perhaps they could try to bring Aeris back from the dead?

      This is actually the 2nd segment. The first on GameTrailers did was the Chris Houllihan room on Zelda:LtP

      Oh and Aeris res is a myth =P I tried just about everything years ago and besides hacking via a GameShark Aeris never comes back... a shame really coz her support Limit Breaks were the best Limits in the game =(

        Yeah, I rode that rollercoaster so much to try to collect 1/35 Soldiers for some bizarre rumour that Cloud kept vomiting when he got off.

        Still, that is the kind of thing this segment could use really well, regardless.

    Hee. I've always tried to do this on the early worlds, but I usually skip with the warp so I guess I never play 3-3. Good to know it's possible, lame to know it's useless.

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