One Excellent Hour With Rockstar Games, Talking Red Dead Redemption

Missed our live Kotaku podcast with Rockstar Games today? No problem. You can now download our one-hour conversation with two of Red Dead Redemption's creators. Lots of good RDR info within — not all of it about me hunting animals.

Hosts: Brian Crecente, Stephen Totilo Guests: Jeronimo Barrera and Rob Nelson of Rockstar Games Ranter: Owen Good

Don't expect every secret in Red Dead Redemption to be revealed in this podcast. Lassoing in multiplayer? Sure. Poker in multiplayer? No comment yet.

My favourite part was sharing the story of my first hour with the game. Tons of crazy stuff happened when I played RDR for one hour, with Jeronimo and Rob at my side, shortly before our podcast began. We talk about my play session plenty, and deservedly so, because it was a quality hour of gaming.

Wait no longer. You need to hear this. So download away. It's free, of course.

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    RDR does not interest me in the slightest. Not because I think it will be a bad game, it's just I have no interest in the setting.

    Maybe further down the track if it turns out to be a 'must-have' game I'll borrow it from a friend.

      I knew there had to be at least one person in the world who wasnt interested in RDR.
      And, alas, I have found thee.

      Do you have a general dislike of westerns?
      I think it is a setting that has been woefully underused in gaming - a period and place where gunplay is vital to the period.

    are there any spoilers in the podcast?

    Can't wait for this game!

    This game made me buy an XboX - true story :)

      well then you're gonna be bummed out when you find out it's on the 360 :p

    I too have never been a big fan of the western genre games, movies etc. but I must say, this looks bloody amazing.

    Can't wait.

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