One Super Reason To Jailbreak Your iPad

One Super Reason To Jailbreak Your iPad

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  • To buy a iphone and an ipad for this very reason, while cool, is way out of my price range. Unless anyone wants a kidney.

    • Not yet anyway.

      Next year or the year after maybe. As is with majority for Apple products. Not hating but its very true.

      As with all technology, the moment you buy something, the next day or week or month, something better is announced or released. Its hard and very expensive to keep up. I have a Mac and have had it for two years – and there has been like 2 major upgrades to my model, which sucks, but it happens.

      Hopefully Apple notice all the negative reviews of the iPad and fix it. But they’re jackasses and they won’t. I mean, seriously, NO USB AT ALL? Thats kinda cheap of them… very cheap actually. I mean, not even Micro-usb or anything…

      The iPad COULD turn out to be the iPhone, where a newer model fixes a lot of the problems and becomes a bit more appealing to some – or it could go the Macbook Air route and just not change and not address consumer demand or whats missing and negatives of the product. Hopefully the iPhone route – cause as far as the iPad is like it is, my wallet is staying away from it.

  • Although cool I still think it’s more fun playing those games on the Nintendo Wii with a classic controller. 🙂

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