OnLive Getting British Release

OnLive Getting British Release

OnLive, the “cloud” service that promises/hopes to revolutionise online gaming by removing the need for a PC or a console, will also be launching in the United Kingdom, it’s been revealed today.

British Telecom has teamed up with the American company to bring the service to Europe, and in doing so has also bought a small share – 2.6% – in the firm.

While OnLive will launch in the US this summer, a British release date is still up in the air, OnLive saying only that further details will be disclosed later in the year.


  • hope iinet get this in Australia.. free zone onlive could be a big attraction to people if they marketed its correctly. But mabye iinets freezone deal with Xboxlive would stop this.

  • I’m just waiting for the fad to blow over.

    Let’s forget about the many fundamental flaws with it technically for a second.. you’re playing in an arcade all over again, throwing coins at something you don’t own or control. I’ll stick to buying my games for keeps and not pilfering money away by renting a laggy cloud licensed copy.

    • You are right, I rather own the game myself. But its rubbish to think its like an arcade. Arcade is where you go as a social factor. I personally like arcades. I’m not really a cheap a$$ like some ppl who complain about spending a dollar or two in arcade. As long as the games are good and there is value for money, its fine. If you are cheap enough, perhaps sit at home and get this service otherwise support the games industry and buy a disc version.

  • All hail gaming communism!

    I’m with Chris on this, I’d much rather buy something I can own, not rent.

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