Onlive Subscription Invitations Going Out

Onlive Subscription Invitations Going Out

Subscriber invites for Onlive, the console-free gaming service that might change the way we play games, are going out as you read this. Are you one of the lucky ones/guinea pigs?


  • BWAHAAAHAA, as if they’d ask any aussie gamers, only like 1% of us would have the required bandwidth/speeds to play HD

    One can only hope and dream

  • Hehehehe, streaming input to a remote server from AUS… hahahaha.

    Nothing like 400MS worth of input lag on top of your 400 MS on on screen action lag.

  • Still not sold on this onlive stuff (even if they end up localizing it for Aus). Part of the fun of being a PC gamer is making your own rig. Plus i’ve heard with subscription costs, it’ll end up costing the same as making your own PC!

    • Absolutely! It’s probably the best part of being a PC gamer, it’s like a Rite of Passage for serious gamers. Not to mention I hate the idea of Game Renting, you presumably pay full price for a game that can and will be taken off of the server at any time. (This is assuming that they will charge full price for it, even if they dont, Im not too crash hot on the idea.)

  • Am I missing something? I use VNC on my gigabit home network and experience lag when using the remote pc’s desktop, its very noticable, especially when I could see the remote pc’s monitor display and could see the lag first hand. How will this work smoothly with fast actions games and a less than gigabit connection?

    Im far from being convinced…

    • Indeed. Another good example is using remote play with your PSP and PS3. Even with a direct wifi connection the lag is an issue let alone if your brave enough to try over the internet.

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