Our First Look At Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Trailer

Wait, is this Lara Croft? For a second I thought I was watching a sexy, next-gen Prince of Persia throwback... and I love it!

No wonder McWhertor was looking for a better word than reboot when he saw Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year.


    I'm reminded of both Diablo and Trine at the same time, how confusing... could be interesting?

      Agree. It actually looks pretty fun, can't wait to co-op this. :)

    Well one thing I love about the top down look is that the horrid camera that has plagued most Tomb Raider titles is gone. I’ll skip this one, I’m assuming they will announce a reboot of the main series at E3 so I’ll just wait and see what that’s about.

    Not sure how I feel. It's definitely nice to see actual innovation in the isometric view style for games for once, but I've always felt it was too separating from the game- I could never 'lose' myself in the game like an FPS or 3rd person, because you can see so much that your character can't... one of the elements I enjoyed about Tomb Raider was that it was just you out there exploring and being in awe of the amazing places you find, this kind of kills that.

    I'm surprised the Tomb Raider franchise still made money. Without rose-tinted glasses, the original was slightly better than average adventure game. The only reason it's persisted for so long is because it had the bodacious Lara Croft. But every second game these days having equally lovely lasses and better exploration (Uncharted), Tomb Raider will always be a relic of the 90s to me.

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