PAX East Breach Code Theft Suspect Faces Arraignment

PAX East Breach Code Theft Suspect Faces Arraignment

Arrested at the inaugural Penny Arcade Expo East in Boston for allegedly attempting to steal early code for Atomic Game’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Breach, Justin D. May faces arraignment today in Boston Municipal Court.

May was arrested on Sunday, March 28, after representatives from developer Atomic Games caught him attempting to download the source code for the game Breach onto his laptop. According to reports, May received 14MB worth of data from the 2GB game before fleeing into the crowded PAX East show floor, only to be tracked down and apprehended by authorities.

May was arrested, facing charges of larceny over $US250 and buying, selling or receiving stolen trade secrets. He could face up to five years or a $US25,000 fine on the first charge and up to five years or a $US500 fine and imprisonment of up to two years on the second charge.

A warrant issued for May’s arrest after failing to appear at his original arraignment on March 30 was dropped on April 1, after he contacted authorities and arranged to have the arraignment moved to today.

Arraignment is a formal reading of charges against a defendant, after which the defendant is able to respond to said charges with a plea.


  • Kid does stupid thing, pays for it for the rest of his life due to a system that cant see sense.

    He DIDNT get away with anything, he DIDNT steal anything more than a couple of lines of code, he DID make a stupid mistake.
    Now he’ll be a criminal for the rest of his life, and before you all start saying he had it coming, take a mature step back and ask yourself what kind of adult this person will now become thanks to that sort of dirt on his record?

    Plus, he looks like and is wearing clothes like Niko Bellic. Jus sayin.. theyve created a mass murderer.

    • Is this the same dude that asked Major Nelson on his live podcast at PAX to unban his console? (which was banned for tampering)
      Then only just after talking to Major Nelson, he went off and tried to pull this.

      Dude is getting exactly what he deserves. Who cares if he didn’t get the full data, the fact is he tried.

    • Dude, are you insane? This kid is already a criminal. A failed one. The only thing he’ll turn into if he’s not punished is a more experience criminal. He’s getting what he deserves.

      Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

  • The man in question is legally an adult at the time of incident, not a kid.

    As I said earlier he does not appear to be all there.

    While he should be punished I don’t think Jail Time or Massive Fines are the answer, Community Service and if you ever do anything like this again your going to jail might be better.

  • Sending an already screwed up to prison or charging him massive fines is yeh, not going to do anyone any good.

    It may give him less choices however, which with his current mindset would lead to more public nuisances.

    Revenge is a nice concept that makes peole warm and fuzzy, actually dealing with the problem, nah to hell with that, just throw away the key.

    Id like to know exactly how it was he was able to get access to the files in the first place, I mean what kind of security do they have that someone can simply patch in and start grabbin stuff?

    Just because hes legally an adult doesnt change the fact hes not mature, and probably wasnt aware of the repercussions. Does it make him right? No, but does ruining him solve any issues? No, because there arent any, he didnt get away with it.

  • I agree, he should have to pay a huge fine but that’s it. You put this lad in jail and he will never come out the same. Just going to make the problem worse.

    @Jake Elliott: Your right, a criminal record isn’t going make him change overnight but the repeated rapes he will probably receive in jail will. Based on correctional facility reports and assessments on ex-offenders he will be more likely to re-offend.

    Which bring us to MaXX’s point…he may get so messed up in prison that he has the potential to go from a tech criminal to a hardcore rapist/killer/drug fiend that slits babies throats for shits and giggles.

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