PETA Beats Mafia Wars At Its Own Game

After receiving a plea from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to cease using the often-abused Pit Bull as a weapon in popular social game Mafia Wars, Zynga has decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

Last month Mafia Wars developer Zynga introduced animal-based weapons and vehicles to Mafia Wars, allowing dons to purchase ferocious animal companions to use in the never-ending fight against each other.

While many of the animals were exotic species that players would obviously never get their hands on, PETA took exception to the inclusion of pit bulls, a breed of dog often abused for use in dog fighting or home security.

PETA immediately took action, firing off a letter to Zynga founder Mark Pincus, appealing to his history as a dog lover to drive the point home. Zynga, the company that runs some of the most popular games on social networking site Facebook, was named after Pincus' late bulldog, Zinga.

It seems PETA's plea worked. While the more exotic breeds animals remain, the pit bull is no longer available for purchase in Mafia Wars. As a token of their appreciation, the organisation shipped Pincus a box of vegan chocolates. Yum.

"Mafia Wars is obviously only a game, but the suffering endured by thousands of pit bulls who are treated as if they were nothing more than burglar alarms or fighting machines is very real," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "By removing Mafia Wars' virtual pit bull, Zynga is no longer perpetuating the mindset that it's acceptable to chain, neglect, and abuse real dogs."

Dammit, everyone is getting vegan chocolates but me - first Steve Jobs, and now Mark Pincus. I'd kick one of my cats for a box of vegan chocolates right about now.



    Am I the only one that thinks this is a little bit silly? I mean they are taking this single breed of dog out because it is often used in the real world for similar means.
    Imagine if this was a first person shooter and we were talking about people of all races. If a group of people said 'take out the african-americans, they are already linked to violence too often in the media or through stereo-typing' then I would think most people to feel that this was racist.

    I'm not saying we should be worrying about racism about dogs, but it seems that either it is wrong to have any dogs as weapons, or it isn't. To start trying to say it's only wrong for some, seems to be hypocrisy.
    Of all people I'd expect PETA to be about all or nothing. I mean if I made a game that let you hunt, skin and eat a bear I don't think they'd accept the argument that its ok because 'this type of animal isn't used this way in the real world. It's only wrong if I let you eat a cow because that actually does happen in the real world.'

      I'm not sure they mean to say only pitbulls are bad because with the other animals it wouldn't happen in the 'real world', rather that people are literally incapable of getting these animals to fight with in the first place. And I think peta probably would prefer to do the 'all', doing 'nothing' as an alternative isn't really sensible. At least with pit bulls which are commonly abused, and zynga having such a wide, casual gaming audience, isn't the best message to be sending out.

      So no, I agree with them at least getting pit bulls out. Is it such a bad thing that players don't have the option to participate in dog fighting in an online game?

      It's not silly at all. As a person who owns a german shepherd and has to constantly defend her because people believe she will be vicious just gets annoying. It's kind of like how we defend games and get passionate about them when someone blames games for violence ect.

      Many legit pitbull owners wouldn't want the animal they love being made out to be only good for dog fighting. I know I certainly hate it when people think my german shepherd must be dangerous and likely to bite when off a leash and that is not at all true. They are wonderful animals and make for very loyal and loving pets.

      Imagine how annoyed most gamers would be if massive sports companies started belittling games and gamers. Making sure that most people felt that all gamers are fat unsocial nerds and that they wont get anywhere in life because they must having gaming addictions.

      Gamers are so quick to defend gaming, but as soon as someone with another passion defends their own passion they get ridiculed? Do we enjoy it when our beloved games are at the center of attention? just have a think about that.

        Also I would like to add I don't agree with peta most of the time, and that is entirely my view and I have always held that view.

    But it's still okay to do all those other horrible things - so long as no precious pit bulls are involved.

    Does anyone know if vegan chocolates taste any good?

    As usual political correctness wins in favor of actual events.

    While i'm sure it won't change the overall experience of the game, i do think it's a little silly that in a game that is trying to be as close to the real as it can, there are forced compromises because it doesn't sit right with a small group of people.

    Also, Zynga may have a wide gaming audience, but this game isn't going to appeal to everyone and most discerning parents buying games for children aren't going to buy a game with the bold title of "MAFIA" across the top...

    Oh well, as i said, in the end it's not as if it matters all that much... i just think it's annoying that games are changed based on a small biased group

    Anybody who succumbs to PETAs incessant ramblings instantly has any credibility stripped from their image.

    They are the definition of the word HYPOCRITE, and anybody who supports them needs to research PETAs disgusting activities.


    Why their not REAL Peta!

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