PETA Sends Me Vegan Chocolates For Not Kicking My Cats

A week and a half ago I jokingly commented in a story about Mafia Wars and PETA that "I'd kick one of my cats for a box of vegan chocolates." Apparently it's not kicking your cats that scores you loot.

I've posted a lot of PETA stories over the past couple of years, and they generally end with someone getting a box of vegan chocolates for doing something the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals approve of, like not kicking cats. After I posted the story about Mafia Wars pulling pit bulls from the game after PETA called foul, a PETA representative contacted me to a) thank me for following the story and b) make sure I wasn't kicking my cats. I assured them my cats lived better lives than I, which they probably do.

And now I've got a box of vegan chocolates, and my cats are completely stoned.

Not only did PETA send a lovely box of goodies from the Harbor Candy Shop in Ogunquit, Maine, they also sent along little cloth satchels of what I can only assume is crack for cats. Rande (short black and white) and Rufus (kind of grey) went completely insane over them, while Muppet Kitty (don't ask) just hugged hers.

So thanks, PETA. My cats are insane, and I'm about to eat an entire box of vegan chocolates. They have no preservatives, so it's a race against time.


    Cats are awesome! I'v never tasted vegan chocolates.

    There's something about an insane cat which you just then add catnip and you've got yourself a nights entertainment.

    Good to see PETA have a sense of humour as well. Sorta wish i hadn't read this article though cause my cat of 14 years passed away last week and those pics are making me want a new one!

    Though with the vegan chocolates, is it just me or dose the middle on the second collum from the right look like something one of the cats left for him?

    Go and watch the Penn & Teller episode on PETA and then throw those chocolates into the bin.

      Watching ANY Penn and Teller episode will make you want to chuck out ANY beliefs or opinions you have.

    I know you said don't ask, but Muppet Kitty?
    Awesome name. :)

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