Play The Bits Between Mass Effect 2 And Mass Effect 3

Play The Bits Between Mass Effect 2 And Mass Effect 3

To date, Mass Effect 2’s downloadable content has been a little underwhelming, giving players who have completed the game little to do but spin their wheels. That’s set to change in the coming months.

Why? Because BioWare will soon be moving on from post-game DLC and shift to pre-game DLC, with future packs planned to bridge the story between Mass Effect 2 and whatever happens in the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

“We have a bunch of packs that are in the works right now,” BioWare’s Casey Hudson told Videogamer. “So, for the time being there’s going to be a continued stream of DLC for people. We’ll start to have packs that’ll tell the story between Mass Effect 2 and 3. But beyond that we kind of have to see how people are responding to what we have and go from there.”

Took long enough for developers to catch on that most people buying post-game DLC are people that have, you know. Finished the game. Here’s hoping for not only more Hammerhead play, but new snuggle positions with your space mate of choice.

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  • I only just downloaded and played all the DLC this week after having beaten the game 5 times already. I have to say that I thought the Kasumi mission was great. It was one of the best loyalty missions in the game. Having said that it just did not end up being good value in my opinion. There were just so many characters and loyalty missions already that it didn’t make much of an impact on the overall game. Bioware probably just missed the balance between character and story missions. If the character pool had been the same size as ME1 then new characters would have held their own much better, but instead I have 2 new ones with very little character development, so I just forgot about them. It’s good to see that Bioware is noticing that DLC needs to stand alone, be relevant and also interesting for people who have already beaten the game, cos face it thats who your market is for DLC.

  • I’d like plenty more of both of those. Actually, thinking about it, some well developed emotional scenes with your partner would be quite welcomed. Both Mass Effect games show a lot of the build up towards a relationship, the little bits of courtship, the sexual tension. Then as soon as you finally get it on with your choice, game’s over.

    Would be nice to see some more development between the characters after the hook up. I was hoping to see this in ME2 with my partner from ME1 but apparently Liara is off busy doing other stuff and doesn’t have time for me.

  • I’d like to see more of an expansion than DLC.
    Or DLC in the capacity of Liberty City Stories.

    A lot of DLC is just a total waste and the price isn’t justified for the length.

    In ME2 anyway, I don’t wanna have DLC thats just going to some added star galaxy, landing on a planet and doing a mission like shutting down an AI or killing some Space Pirate.

    To me, Mass Effect is all about the characters and their stories. ME2 is about loyalty. I wanna see some missions that interact with those, much like the loyalty missions do. Don’t just add a new character, I like that they offered so many, but now theirs ‘too many’. Build off what you have, I say.

    Perhaps some more DLC and then to bridge the gap between ME2 and ME3, do an expansion. Something worth the money, the development time and the gamers time playing it.

  • I’m actually impressed with how Bioware have done DLC this time around.

    Last time it was crap, but the fact that it’s integrated into the universe is a big plus… and it’s certainly better orchestrated than the DLC for the force unleashed was done.

    I would say they need to do more stuff for the Cerberus network thingy, assuming EA have noted the success of their project ten dollars, currently I wouldn’t suggest it’s worthwhile.

  • I agree with the sentiments. The ME2 DLC – while welcome, hasn’t been to a standard that makes me say wow. I like the experimenting with the firewalker, and would like to see more of that.

  • Is it linked to gamertag or can two people play it on the same 360? My girlfriend and I would be interested, but we’re not buying it twice.

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