Playing Alan Wake In A Haunted Quarantine Station

Five lucky Australians were allowed to play Alan Wake before it went on sale. The catch? To play they had to be blind-folded, driven to one Australia's most haunted sites and strapped to heart rate monitors.

Sure, it's all a bit of marketing by Microsoft for the upcoming Xbox 360 thriller, but that doesn't make the setting any less creepy for an already frightening game.

The setting looks pretty unnerving, based on the flickr photos, but the videos showing the people play sadly don't reveal a single pants-wetting moment.

Neat idea though. I thought Alan Wake was plenty scary played in my house, I can't imagine going to some strange, surreal setting at night to play it.

How does your play setting impact you when you game?

Alan Wake The Project


    That is awesome! Freaky but fucking awesome!

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