PlayStation Hacker Won't Do Hard Time

The teenager who got so miffed at Sony over a game of SOCOM that he hacked the company's website has been sentenced for his crimes. He will not be hung, drawn or quartered.

Instead, the boy must now serve 250 hours community service, and also pay Sony Computer Entertainment the sum of $US5000. If that sounds to you like he got off lightly, he did: Sony originally wanted $US33,200 for their troubles, but the judge, John Driscoll, thought that was a bit much for a kid to have to pay.

"This offence, by its very nature (which is similar to serious attacks against national cybersecurity), caused great alarm within Sony Corp and the FBI" Judge Driscoll writes. "One would expect that anti-social or sociopathic individuals would commit such a computer crime; nevertheless, the juvenile seems to have accepted personal responsibility and agrees he should be held accountable".

Latrobe teen gets 1 year of probation for hack [Pittsburgh Review, via GamePro]


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