PlayStation Move Behind Gran Turismo 5 Delay?

Having let slip themselves that the game will support the PlayStation Move peripheral, it seems Sony's decision to implement motion controls into Gran Turismo 5 is the reason for the game's lengthy delay.

According to a "source close to Sony", trade site MCV reports that a decision by Sony to put both motion controls and 3D - which we thought they already had - into the final version of game is the reason Gran Turismo, which should already be out by now, is not.

Far from ruling this out, Sony says "We will be announcing further details of Gran Turismo 5 in June in Los Angeles during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Until that time we cannot comment on rumour or speculation."

So, there's a good chance that what you just read above, you'll be reading again in a few weeks time!

Gran Turismo 5 supports Move, 3D [MCV]


    Cue virtual road rage. Stick your hand out the window and flip off the car behind you.

    Seriously. Nobody wants to play Gran Turismo 5 with Sony's Light up dildo.

    Thanks Sony, For potentionally ruining an amazing game.

      Ruin a game by adding more options?

        More options = better game right?


      No one is forcing you to use the Move with Gran Turismo 5, It is probably an optional extra.

    I lold', most driving game enthusiasts own a wheel, or would prefer one to holding two sticks and moving them about. Also, is 3d really worth it?

      Agreed. Gran Turismo is supposed to be a driving simulator... I don't know anyone who drives a car with a bloody stick.

      The majority of punters don't give a rats about motion control OR 3D. Just release the freaking game as is and patch it later!

        My point exactly. Release it and then patch these things in. Its PS3 exclusive so you know that every console has a HDD.

    Just goddamn release it already, i dont care about playstation move or 3D.

    Gee, it's starting to get a little more farcical with each announcement. It also makes you wonder how much pressure Sony are heaping on Polyphony Digital to add support to the peripheral while also heaping pressure for not having it out yet.

    3D, then the Move. Next thing you know, GT5 will wash your car, cook you dinner, do your homework and do your job. Seriously, stop adding crap on and release Man Furismo Jive already!


    Gran Turismo Forever. Seriously, what kind of gamer cares about move or 3d for a driving sim? Morons.

    I get the feeling this and a few other games at the launch of the Move will have what I call “sixaxis” syndrome, where something was thrown in at the last minute and doesn’t work at all. Anyone remember how early on a lot of PS3 titles tired to integrate the sixaxis into the gameplay only to have it work horribly, then just dropped it all together. Seriously, how long has it been since any game has made use of the sixaxis.

    Anyway, I say leave these titles alone. Release them as they would have been without the move, then once the move picks up steam and people know how to develop for it start integrating it into games that haven’t been specifically made for the move.

    I'm happy to wait for 3D, but not sure what the move addition would be, maybe a little head tracking?

    So, the games taken eight years because theyre incorporating PS Move?

    Polyphony Digital is probably only using Move and 3D as an excuse because they dont want to admit they are cronically behind schedule.

    My God, will this saga never end? Sony really missed the boat by not having GT5 ready as an early title for the PS3 to help move consoles. Xbox gained a lot of ground by releasing before the PS3. Also, although I feel for what you get the PS3 is a superior console, it did suffer early on particularly in Australia by not having what a lot of people saw as "big" titles.
    GT5 has a big following and this is a game that people will buy consoles for. Having said that the recent pictures and footage released really do look amazing.

    I might be seeing a conspiracy, but I think they might be holding off to make it the PS3 Move launch title.

      That seems pretty likely. Instead of integrating Move to sell GT5. They're using GT5 to help push Move.

    For crying out loud Sony. just release the damn game. Honestly, the promise of GT5 is the only reason I purchased a PS3. I have delayed buying Prologue because I have an aversion to PAYING FOR SHIT TWICE!!!!!!!!

    Just release the damn thing. No one wants Move features, hardly anyone has a 3D tv. release it and patch it. Works for PC games.

    FOR FUK SAKE ! IF IT DOESN'T COME OUT THIS YEAR I WILL NOT BUy IT !!! ok I will be first in the door , but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez !!!
    p.s. if it is as good as is should be I'm moving into the lounge room , sleeping , eating , washing !!!

    if KAZ ever gets his brain to work, we might see this game sum time this year. please just release the game as is then patch it later, wen all is said & done 8 years after GT4, GT5 NO! it should be called GT9 gets released i hope it is werth the wait. Quit makeing GT prologues & spin-offs IT WASTES TIME & DLAYES THE RELEASE OF THE FULL GAME. Just release the game, then we will be happy & it wont take so long between games.

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