Please Name All The Ninjas

Thank you! As seen on That Girls Site.


    I see neither Hotsuma nor Hibana. Blasphemy!

    It's missing Dr McNinja. :c

    what about the i am ninja ninja?

    Can't get em all, but the ones i recognize are Michaelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Jitsu, Ryu Hayabusa, Samuel, Jeffery & Michael Douglas, Joe Armstrong, Uzumaki Naruto, Storm Shadow and Kawasaki Ninja 250r!

      What about Shredder? :P

        i originally though oroku saki aka shredder was there, but it turned out to be sub-zero. The one down the front bottom right sort of looks like him too, but i don't recall all that fancy crap on his helmet

          That Ninja in the front lower right is the "Black Ninja!" from the classic 1985 movie, "Pray for Death," which stars Sho Kosugi whom I thought was for the longest time and consider a real life ninja.

    Those people aren't ninjas! I can see them all.

    Ninja Turtles?


    Haru from Beverly Hills Ninja obviously steals the spotlight.


    Oh man I didn't even notice Rockey, Colt and TumTum.

    This picture just gets more awesome the more I look at it.

    I don't know who that chick down the bottom is but she makes me think April O'Neal.

    wasnt shredder a ninja too?

    Skipping ones already mentioned.

    OK the lady in Red is Elektra (Of Marvel Comics) the one in black with a Gun is Snake-eyes from GI-Joe. The kids from "The Three Ninja's" are in there I don't know names. Nobody has said Naruto and the Purple guy with the Visor and an N on his chest looks to be from Power Rangers... I'm thinking his name is Ninjor or something I vaguely remember him.

    Naruto and TMNT.
    They're the only ones I know

    Subzero isn't a ninja, he's Lin Kuei.

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