Pokémon's 'Smugleaf': A Meme In The Making

It's been a couple days since the new starter Pokémon for the upcoming Black/White were leaked in a Japanese magazine, CoroCoro. But already, we may have a new meme.

The grass starter Pokémon, whose Japanese name is Tsutaja, has risen above the others and become an overnight internet sensation, inspiring conversation and not a small amount of fan art.

Due to his half-closed eyes and apparent smirk, the green starter is quickly becoming known as "Smugleaf" or "Grinleaf" by English-speaking fans. "Smugleaf is the new trollface!" is a new rallying cry, referencing the face a person might put on while trolling on a forum. And looking at that new Pokémon's self-contented grin, it isn't hard to see the appeal.

There is currently no official English-release name.

Check the gallery for a few of the many homages to Smugleaf.

Artist unknown. The one that started it all.

Gimme Some Scale, Man! by Sponge the Squid.

An especially hoity-toity Smugleaf by xXxRozuiChanxXx.

Heartlesswyvern imagined an alternate reason the green Pokémon might be so chill.

Go-Devil-Daisuke imagined Smugleaf's possible inspiration.


    The last one is a reference to Excalibur from Soul Eater.

    I've seen more people discussing the fire pig starter, personally. I'll be pissed if they don't call it Pignition.

      Sif, they should call it Boarbeque.

      You both suck at naming things, OBVIOUSLY it should be Hogocaust.

    I prefer the water starter's nickname of 'Derpderp'. Seriously what's wrong with that thing?

      Too many bells and whistles. It has a bunch of colours, freckles, slippers, flipper tail, shell chest....

      Stick with the basic designs, this isn't digimon :c

    Smugleaf is the best looking new starter pokemon and will probably be my choice. But there hasnt been that perfect balance of "I cant choose!" since the first generation when ALL of them were awesome.

    No, bad Kotaku. This is the internet we already know about memes.

    These new starters arent very good. I mean fire-pig, seriously, who asked for a fire pig?

    I didn't think it looked smug. Every time I see it I expect it to be looking for it's high heels and prada purse.

    Stop referring to Smugleaf as a "he".Freaking Christ,in the anime the main Smugleaf is even a girl.
    Is it REALLY so hard to refer to them as "its"?So annoying.
    On a side note, Smugleavez >> Mudkipz.

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