Pokémon’s ‘Smugleaf’: A Meme In The Making

Pokémon’s ‘Smugleaf’: A Meme In The Making

It’s been a couple days since the new starter Pokémon for the upcoming Black/White were leaked in a Japanese magazine, CoroCoro. But already, we may have a new meme.

The grass starter Pokémon, whose Japanese name is Tsutaja, has risen above the others and become an overnight internet sensation, inspiring conversation and not a small amount of fan art.

Due to his half-closed eyes and apparent smirk, the green starter is quickly becoming known as “Smugleaf” or “Grinleaf” by English-speaking fans. “Smugleaf is the new trollface!” is a new rallying cry, referencing the face a person might put on while trolling on a forum. And looking at that new Pokémon’s self-contented grin, it isn’t hard to see the appeal.

There is currently no official English-release name.

Check the gallery for a few of the many homages to Smugleaf.

Artist unknown. The one that started it all.[imgclear]

Gimme Some Scale, Man! by Sponge the Squid.[imgclear]

An especially hoity-toity Smugleaf by xXxRozuiChanxXx.[imgclear]

Heartlesswyvern imagined an alternate reason the green Pokémon might be so chill.[imgclear]

Go-Devil-Daisuke imagined Smugleaf’s possible inspiration.[imgclear]


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