Portal On Mac, Brought To You By Aperture Laboratories

Portal On Mac, Brought To You By Aperture Laboratories

Portal may be free on the Mac for a limited time, but nothing’s ever really free. It’s just being subsidised. Sponsored by a benevolent artificial intelligence, who is only too glad to motivate you for Portal 2.

The term “marketing engineers” sounds made-up, but in Valve’s case, you can never be too sure. Ideas like this – and those for Team Fortress 2’s never-ending stream of updates – don’t come from the minds of laymen.


  • Next thing you know its a Mac exclusive and then its a Mac Exclusive to the ‘iGame’ing Machine that Steve will randomly announce and then BAM!….Mac’s own the world. lol -_- … i need sleep imo

      • Co-op was confirmed in a GameInformer mag not too long ago. That’s why there isn’t any talk about, it’s old news.

        • From memory (and in a way some spoilers here) there will be a main campaign in Portal that is single player. Then a separate 2 player co-op campaign where you each take control of robots. Hopefully the co-op will be as well made as the single player campaign, and not just a tack on like in MW2.

          I personally find the idea of co-op kind of worrying. Imagine how much more complex the puzzles can get now that there are 2 people, with 2 portal guns. Just think how well you’ll have to work together to get those precision portal timings down.

  • Doh, got really excited about Steam on Mac, downloaded it and Portal for my current gen MacBook, ready to relive one of my all time top 10 games, and I cannot see into Portals, they’re black.

    Am I the guinea pig of some villainous Aperture Science experiment?

    • It was a known issue, that has been mentioned in the steam forums. I had the problem myself. You had to right click the game in steam, and change the advanced properties to add “-windowed” so it started in windowed mode. I have no idea why that worked, but apparently it did. I’m sure they’ll have a patch for it shortly.

    • I’m pretty sure there’s a visual setting for how it displays the insides of Portals. Go options -> Portal render depth -> 2.

      Unless it’s a different issue entirely. Then you’re on your trapped experimental own.

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