Portal On Mac, Brought To You By Aperture Laboratories

Portal may be free on the Mac for a limited time, but nothing's ever really free. It's just being subsidised. Sponsored by a benevolent artificial intelligence, who is only too glad to motivate you for Portal 2.

The term "marketing engineers" sounds made-up, but in Valve's case, you can never be too sure. Ideas like this - and those for Team Fortress 2's never-ending stream of updates - don't come from the minds of laymen.


    Next thing you know its a Mac exclusive and then its a Mac Exclusive to the 'iGame'ing Machine that Steve will randomly announce and then BAM!....Mac's own the world. lol -_- ... i need sleep imo

    Umm... Is it just me, or did anyone else get out of that video that Portal 2 is going to have Co-op?

      Yeah, pretty sure I got that too. Sounds awesome. How is there not more conversation about this.

        Co-op was confirmed in a GameInformer mag not too long ago. That's why there isn't any talk about, it's old news.

          From memory (and in a way some spoilers here) there will be a main campaign in Portal that is single player. Then a separate 2 player co-op campaign where you each take control of robots. Hopefully the co-op will be as well made as the single player campaign, and not just a tack on like in MW2.

          I personally find the idea of co-op kind of worrying. Imagine how much more complex the puzzles can get now that there are 2 people, with 2 portal guns. Just think how well you'll have to work together to get those precision portal timings down.

    Doh, got really excited about Steam on Mac, downloaded it and Portal for my current gen MacBook, ready to relive one of my all time top 10 games, and I cannot see into Portals, they're black.

    Am I the guinea pig of some villainous Aperture Science experiment?

      It was a known issue, that has been mentioned in the steam forums. I had the problem myself. You had to right click the game in steam, and change the advanced properties to add "-windowed" so it started in windowed mode. I have no idea why that worked, but apparently it did. I'm sure they'll have a patch for it shortly.

        How do you cancel the "-windowed" mode?

      I'm pretty sure there's a visual setting for how it displays the insides of Portals. Go options -> Portal render depth -> 2.

      Unless it's a different issue entirely. Then you're on your trapped experimental own.

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