Prince Of Persia’s Box Office Debut Was…Pretty Good

Prince Of Persia’s Box Office Debut Was…Pretty Good

Prince of Persia had a big budget and some big names behind it, but all the sand (and marketing) in the world couldn’t ensure its opening weekend was the biggest in video game movie history.

The film’s opening weekend take in the US was just over $US30 million. That’s a respectable figure, but it was also only good enough for third spot on the charts, the debuts of the new Sex & The City and Shrek movies drawing more bums on seats than Chesty Jake and co.

$30 million also puts it third on the list of all-time opening weekends for video game adaptations, beaten out by 2001’s Tomb Raider ($47 million) and 1999’s Pokemon ($33 million). Maybe it’s my intense dislike for Angelina Jolie, but I don’t remember Tomb Raider being that big. Least, not that big compared to Disney’s marketing push for Prince of Persia.

Don’t let the third spots put you off: I liked the movie. Sure, it’s dumb fun, but not all fun has to be smart.

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  • not that it isn’t a great game, but seriously, did anyone really have PoP at the top of their list of “video games most likely to be adapted into a movie”?

    if they want to go for something higher grossing, it’ll be with a franchise even unfamiliar audiences can at least recognise. and pokemon was crazy back in the day and really not that great a movie (though i freakin loved it at the time).

    this is why i can see a WoW movie pulling in a decent crowd; even if they mess it up.

  • Oh don’t worry Angelina is a terrible actress – no drama film, indie film or some true story movie can salvage her acting skills.
    Its quite sad knowing she is an Oscar winner.

    But yeah Tomb Raider… although one of the most dedicated video game movies in terms of sticking fairly true to the concept and story… aren’t that great of films.

    Pretty much a sex show with Angelina in a tight-skin catsuit.

    Looks can be deceiving in the world of Hollywood… at least people who look like Angelina Jolie… i’m looking at you Megan Fox.

    BUT did they seriously expect big numbers for Persia? It’s not that big of a franchise in the world of gaming. Just cause its old doesn’t mean its BIG and POPULAR.

  • I had absolutely no interest in this game nevermind the movie, I’m not going to waste my money buying a ticket to watch it or the dvd. I’ll just wait till the dvd version is released on the internet and i’ll download it.

    If they decide to make a proper game into a movie, say blizzard’s warcraft/starcraft franchise… Mass effect… Halo… etc. I would definitely go watch but prince of persia?! with jake?! definitely a fail in my book.

    • What a great way to promote the further development of quality game franchise to film production: internet piracy.

      Go learn a new word for me: Philistine.

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