Project Natal Is… White?

Project Natal Is… White?

Released last year, this is the official concept promotional image of Microsoft’s upcoming motion control system Project Natal. It is black.

“Project Natal” is the code name for Microsoft’s controller-free motion controls that, as the promotional clip states, makes the players the controller.

But even when the device was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last year, it was covered so that the audience could not see it.

Reporter Timo Michael from German cable station RTL had an opportunity to check out Project Natal; however, instead of a black Natal device, a white-coloured device was shown in his report. The device seems to be similar to the black Project Natal shown in concept photos.

Does this mean that the final hardware is white? Or is it white and black to match the existing hardware? Kotaku is following up with Microsoft to clarify.

Recently, a Swedish retailer priced Project Natal as costing the equivalent of over US$200.

Project Natal [RTL via VideoGamesZone Thanks David!]


  • I. Hate. White. I have an Elite. If im EVER going to buy Natal (which I wont considering its gimmick gameplay and supposedly around $200) it better be in black!

    I hated the white Xbox 360 and I hated the white Wii. Black should be the normal colour for consoles.

    It looks stylish and you cant see dirt or dust as much.

    • And yes, I wholeheartedly agree with Natal being a gimmick… and a tasteless cash in on the Wii’s success. I’d try one out if I was given one, but I’m not buying one.

      • But dirt shows up way more clearly on white ones. So does black markers…

        My brothers DS is white and looks disgusting, mine is black and probably has the same amount of dirt but I can’t see it.

    • Yeah, that’s a reasonable response. Seriously, if you don’t like the price, that’s cool. If, without having actually properly seen what it can do, you think you’ll hate the games, that’s cool too.

      But refusing to buy it because of the colour? That’s just ridiculous.

  • *shock*, *horror*.


    I remember people seeing photos of black 360 devkits soon after the 360 came out and jumping to all kinds of conclusions… I wouldn’t be surprised if they released both colours for this though, obviously they wouldn’t do it for a console launch, but because people already have white and black 360’s, what reason do they have to not bring out both?

    • Could only imagine for cost reduction purposes of a new product. If its not going to sell, why spend the extra money on facilitating producing two variants of the same product until you know it sells. Pretty much every new console and gaming device comes out in one color and then branches if it sells well, or if its sales need a push though novelty

  • I’d prefer it in black to be honest, won’ show up as a little white thing under my TV. The actual console I have is a White one.

  • Better bloody be black, all my consoles are black, all my controllers, and all the accessories… My missus will kill me if this doesn’t match!! lol

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