PS3 Games Go 3D On June 10

PS3 Games Go 3D On June 10

Having previously revealed a launch date of “June”, Sony Japan got specific overnight and said that the PlayStation 3’s 3D era will begin on June 10.

That’ll be the day a number of downloadable titles for the Japanese PlayStation Network are updated to support 3D technology. Those games are Super Stardust, WipeOut and Pain, and while the first two will update free of charge, in a disconcerting precedent people who already own Pain will still have to pay ¥300 (USD$3.20) if they want to play in 3D.

A few things to note: you’ll need a 3D TV to actually use this tech, so that’ll instantly rule out over 99% of you. And June 10 won’t necessarily bring about a new firmware update, as the groundwork for 3D games was laid last month.

While we’d imagine that the June 10 updates will be worldwide, we’ll check with Sony to be sure.


  • I think 3D gaming on the PS3 is a bad idea. How many more years does the PS3 have left in it? Let’s say 5. I think it will be at least 5 years before a sizable amount of people’s have 3D televisions and we have enough 3D content to justify actually buying one. By the time 3D gaming is actually the way to the future, I think the PS3 will be well and truly be on its way out the door. So why not just leave it alone and make 3D a big part of the next playstation? Why would you focus on a feature that less than 1% of your install base can enjoy anyway?

    • Because Sony make 3d tv’s. And by having ps3 games that use it (ie technology in the wild) then they see a marketing reason for people to upgrade their tv.

      Its a chicken and egg thing, if there is no demand for 3d tv there will be nothing that utilizes it, which means there is little reason to get a 3d tv. You have to start somewhere.

      Gah I probably shouldn’t try to explain something after a couple of beers.

  • Also don’t forget the PS3 will play 3D Bluray titles as well.
    Why all the 3D hate out there, I’m glad they are experimenting with it in a serious way, I’m hopeful some new gameplay will come out of it and better immersion. There will be some crap but that is true of all gaming.

  • The current generation of 3D tv’s use technology from the 50’s, and having had hands-on experience with the 3D titles Wipeout and SSD on the PS3, I am certain I won’t be buying the games, or a 3D television.

    Anyways I don’t think 3D is the future future tech. I hope that in 5 years we’ll have decent, simple virtual-reality games. Think Virtual Boy, only awesome.

  • My copy of Super Stardust downloaded a major update a few days ago for no obvious reason. I think the 3D version has already been released.

  • You know what, screw 3D, i just bought a HD tv and now you want me to upgrade again, who exactly is made of money. Last time i checked, most people weren’t

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