PSN Video Store Launches In Australia This Week [Updated]

You'll be able to download hundreds of films to your PS3 and your PSP from Thursday morning as Sony's movie service finally arrives in Australia.

Sony today revealed that the PlayStation Network Video Store will go live in Australia from 1am Thursday, May 20. That's 1am Sydney time.

Through the Video Store you can rent or purchase from a library of 600 movies in both standard and high definition. Sony promises that 50 new movies will be added to the store each month. They also claim support from "all" the major movie studios and distributors, including 20th Century Fox, ContentFilm, MGM, Paramount, Disney, Universal, Roadshow, Warner and of course Sony Pictures.

The Video Store will be accessible via PlayStation 3 (pictured above) and PlayStation Portable (pictured below). You will be able to transfer movies downloaded on your PS3 to your PSP, providing you're signed in with the same PSN account.

Movie purchases cost from $7.99, meaning some titles are likely to carry a higher price tag. No specific pricing is available at this stage, but we assume that eight bucks gets you the SD version while the HD will be more.

Rentals cost from $3.99, and again we assume that's just for the SD version. You have 14 days to download and watch the content. Once you've hit play, you have 48 hours to watch the movie in full.

Unsurprisingly, those price points are equivalent to what you'll find on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

UPDATE: Some more information on pricing has come to light via the Screen Play blog, where Jason Hill reports: "New releases such as Avatar and 2012 are currently priced at $24.99 to buy. To rent, 2012 is $5.99 for the standard definition version (576p) or $6.99 for the high definition (720p) version."

What's different is that while Microsoft talks of its service as, first and foremost, a movie streaming service, Sony is positioning its store as for movie downloads.

Microsoft would grudgingly admit that, yes, you're welcome to download and watch later, but the key was always how you could stream and be watching (almost) instantly, assuming your bandwidth was up to the task.

Sony focuses on downloading while briefly mentioning its service's "progressive downloading capabilities" that will allow you to commence viewing "shortly after" the download process begins.

Of course, until the thing goes live, it's all talk. We'll test out Sony's service on Thursday and let you know how it performs.

Until then, how keen are you to download and/or stream movies on your PS3?


    If Sony wants to make this service works, Sony needs to be proactive with local ISPs to deliver the contents unmetered. Quota allowance in Australia is a major issue since the costs of tunnelling data into Australia is pretty expensive to begin with, hence we have pretty "average" internet service when it comes to speed (cable, ADSL, mobile bb, you name it) and it could be a little expensive as well for GB allowance that you get monthly. This VOD digital distribution system is the way to go in the future. About freakin' time :D all we want is unmetered data just like the partnership that iiNet has with Microsoft.

    I didnt see anywhere in the post about TV episodes being available to buy on the PSN Video store :(

    I don't use the Xbox video download system, simply because my Xbox is attached to my monitor and watching vids in my PC chair is uncomfortable, but as the PS3 is in the lounge and it's primary purpose is as a media centre where both my flatmate watch videos, DVDs and play music through it, I can see a lot more impulse buys of these video downloads in my future...

    $25 for a digital purchase, when a DVD costs the same or (often significantly) less?!?


    Alot of the videos are a higher price than the physical media(Inglorious Basterds is $10 cheaper at jb hifi for a 2 disc set!!) and lower quality (all the movies that i looked at had 2ch audio, even the HD movies and probably no extras either!!)

    And does anyone know if the videos can be played on anything other than a ps3?

    Just had a rude awakening about the new rent movie capability from the playstation store. Downloaded the 1st movie (around 6 gigabyte) is just over 6 hours. Tried downloading another movie on Saturday night and by Monday afternoon it was still sitting at 56% completed. This was also 6 gig and my internet speed was the same speed as the previous download @ 2.048 Mbps.

    I rang Sony to advise them that the download seems to freeze (was stuck on 32% for 1 day and a half) and that I only got to watch the very begining of the movie given it froze up. I was advised that because I had started to watch the movie, and you only get 48 hours from the time you 1st start to watch the movie, that they would not give me a refund or another 48 hours from the time it finishes the download. What a Joke. If Bigpond movies sends you a dodgy DVD they will not charge you rather send you out a new one. If you download a bigpond movie and have an issue like this ... they work with you to have a good customer experience. This one of the worst examples of customer service that I have seen in these times.

    Needless to say that given the poor customer service and the time it takes to download a rental movie, I will not be using this service again and quite frankly I wish I had't bought the Playstation 3 at all.

    Get real Sony

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