Put A Naked Pink Snake In Your Copy Of Metal Gear: Peace Walker

Pink is the new camouflage, at least according to the newest batch of downloadable content for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, a chance to show off Snake's more fabulous side.

Japanese players are already enjoying the latest Peace Walker fashion, in both pink and shirtless Snake costumes. We think it really brings out Snake's bulging crotch. Hopefully, Konami will treat North American and European players to this shade of Snake when Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker heads westward in June.

ダウンロードコンテンツ配信のお知らせ。Vol.2 [Kojima Productions via Andriasang]


    Gack! My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!

      They do nothing...NOTHING!

      It reminds me of this:


    If you squint real hard...

    I mean, urm, wtf is this?


    Whatever Snake is looking at seems to have excited him.

    Why do I think of the Predator Movie when I see the bottom pic?

    i guess that why they cal him big boss

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