Reader Review: Episodes From Liberty City

Reader Review: Episodes From Liberty City

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This review was submitted by Liam Gibbons. If you’ve played Episodes From Liberty City, or just want to ask Liam more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City (360, PS3, PC)

Considered a masterpiece by many critics, Grand Theft Auto IV was released early 2008 to much anticipation. How can you improve on something like that? Answer: You make people play it some more.


The Plot: Intersections and interactions between a now humongous cast of characters make experiencing all three stories highly recommended. I swear I could write a full-length essay on these stories, and make it a whole lot more interesting than a Jane Austen interpretation.

Being In A Gang: Because of the gang-based nature of the storyline, you will often find yourself riding in formation with your “brothers” during missions. As well as the main missions there are two new optional missions, racing and gang wars. While gang wars is just killing a bunch of guys, racing is more fun and challenging as you race other bikers around the city, with the ability to knock each other off your respective wheels with a baseball bat.

Mission Replays: After completing a mission, you are presented with a rundown of statistics on your performance; from how long it took you to finish the level to how many of your kills were headshots. Once you complete the story missions, you can access all of them from your in-game mobile and go for a better post-mission rating. Only in the Ballad of Gay Tony though.

San Andreas Memories: Rockstar seems to have reintroduced a lot of elements from 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, such as the parachute and dancing minigames. The parachute of course is great fun, and the game includes a new side mission set where you jump from various buildings onto targets on the ground, in the air or even on moving cars. The dancing minigame is also surprisingly entertaining, and if you’re good enough you’ll be treated to a fully choreographed group dance sequence. Hell, if you play it enough, you may even pick up a few moves of your own.


It’s Old: Almost over two years, in fact.

Exclusive Content: I bought the DLC, and didn’t get Vice City FM. I’ve already listened to the original stations to death. Not fun.

Mission Structure: Drive, kill dudes, drive home.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City offers players not one, but two completely new ways to experience a city they have got to know so well playing Grand Theft Auto IV. An expansion offering more than a lot of full-priced single player games these days, Episodes represents quite astounding value for money. This collection of two excellent games is recommended to fans of the original GTAIV, fans of open-world games, fans of action-adventure, fans of shooters, fans of driving games and just people who are looking for three great stories set in the modern day, and all of which reflect our concerns, quirks, downfalls and triumphs. This is a game that has received world-wide attention, not only for its controversy, but also for its quality. Go get it.

Reviewed by: Liam Gibbons

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  • Just a quick question – did you play this on the PS3 or PC version? I heard that the PC version was still a bit buggy and wondered if you had played the PC version if that affected your experience Liam?

  • Hey there Matt, unfortunately I’ve only played the 360 and PS3 versions, so I can’t really comment on the PC experience, sorry!

    • Hi mate,

      Thanks for the review. I’m thinking of picking this up, but yea I heard about so called ‘exclusive’ radio. So beside the radio stations, is there any benefit on buying the DLC? Because if not, I’m thinking on picking this up on disc instead…

      • My advice you interested gamer would be to go for the disk. As well as saving hard drive space, you can bring the disk over to friend’s houses, and don’t need the original disk to play it.

        • lol. Sorry about the name, there’s no login in kotaku AU :(.

          Anyway, i have 500gb hdd, so no problem. But if I bought the disc, wouldn’t that mean all of my stats from GTA IV won’t go to both episodes? Or it doesn’t matter, since the episodes and GTA IV are completely off from each other?

          • Indeed, Episodes and the original GTA4 are pretty much completly seperate from each other in that regard.

  • @ $50 AU on Xbox 360 I thought Episodes of Liberty City was an absolute STEAL. Besides one bug making Louis get stuck inside the buildings brick work making me need to restart the mission, I loved every minute of it.

  • 5 star rating on the review, couldn’t agree more. I haven’t played the game yet, but Liam makes me wanna maybe go get it.

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