Reader Review: Just Cause 2

Reader Review: Just Cause 2

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This review was submitted by Bradley Winton. If you’ve played Just Cause 2, or just want to ask Bradley more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Just Cause 2 (Xbox 360)

Some people may remember the first Just Cause game. It was a launch title for the Xbox 360, and it was a massive sandbox which very much focused on stylish moves and outrages stunts. Now the second game has come, and developers Avalanche have totally outdone themselves this time.


World: The fictional island of Panau where the game is set is amazing. Like the first, the map is gigantic, and unlike many other sandbox games, the whole island is ready to explore as soon as you start the game. There is no “if you go to this island, you get 5 stars” barrier to prevent exploration. Also, there seems to be no invisible walls. I have yet to try and get to the top of the map, but something tells me it will take a while.

Vehicles: Some of the vehicles in this game are outrageously fun, especially the aircraft. The military jets you can find are a blast to be in, and can cause some major mayhem. The land vehicles can be fun too; you will mostly find average vehicles, but occasionally the game will throw a sports car along your way, which when I spot I praise the game like a god, latch onto the car and kick the poor guy out, which brings me to my next thing.

Stunts: Now this is the main aspect of the game, the ability to defy the laws of physics! Rico uses his anti-physics gun (in the game known as the grappling hook) to attach himself to buildings, cars, people or anything else in the game. This can make it easier to catch that car you want instead of running after holding sprint, hoping you will catch the door and start the hijacking animation. Another thing the anti-physics gun does is it can attach one thing to another, which can create an amazing amount of fun. Now they seem to have it there so you can do practical things like pull cars out of ditches, or destroy statues, but I think they realised that everyone would use it for different reasons. The first thing I did with it (and I assume everyone would have done) is attached a person to the car, then drove off, and laughed maniacally as the helpless soldier was being dragged behind me, or, attaching a speeding police car to the side of a bridge so it flies off the edge.


Voice Actors: Now, I think the voice acting is often bad on purpose, but it still doesn’t remove the fact that some of the character’s voices made me want to rip out my ears and shred them in a blender.

Sprint: The sprint in the game seems to do nothing. You’re better off using your anti-physics gun to move around.

I really enjoyed Just Cause 2. Its overall design and gameplay make it just a fun game. The best way to describe it is: stupid, but in a good way.

Reviewed by: Bradley Winton

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  • Totally agree with the review but another minor minus for me was the lack of minor seual inuendo that appeared in the first game, particularly with the collectables.
    It added to the sense of fun the original had, on top of the ridiculous physics, gameplay and highjacking that have been multiplied in the sequel.

  • “He got me with his wire thing!”
    Whenever I hear a soldier shout that out, I smile. Usually because the propane tank he’s attached to is already rocketing off of the ground.

    Those last 6 words are a pretty good summation though. Good review!

    • You’ll probably get around 15-20 hours (I took about 23, but I did lots of side mission in between). But there is so many side missions, that a 100% completion would take you about 80-100 hours.

  • just a heads up, the first just cause also came out for PC, PS2 and the original Xbox as well as the 360

    Don’t know if you knew that

  • thanks for the positive comments guys 😀

    Jonmokoko: at the start you do about 2 quite short missions, then you are cut loose to do whatever you want (there are a lot of sidemissions) and when you have done enough, you will unlock another story mission, overall there is only about 7 story missions.

    Needs A New Username: yes i did know that, i have the first game on ps2 🙂 but since i was reviewing the 360 version, i related it to 360 😀

    • Sorry, forgot to check in and see what you had to sa re: game length. Cool thanks for that… Seriously considering picking the game up… but I’m torn between this and Red Dead Redemption…

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