Real Cosplaying Girl Versus Cardboard Cutout

This isn't just some lady. It's Yuka Saito.

As a third-year student at Gakushuin University, she was awarded a prize at the Miss Campus Queen pageant. She also models for Japanese fashion magazine CanCam. Here she is in Akihabara.

She's dressed as Sigyn Erster, a 25-year-old pistol wielding, science studying queen from manga/anime Broken Blade.

See how she stacks up to her 2D counterpart!

劇場版ブレイクブレイドのコスプレイヤーさん 「美人っすな!」「短パンとふともも!」 - アキバBlog [Akiba Blog]


    She is gorgeous, one of the best cosplay I've seen

    "3D pig disgusting" :P

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