Real Life Modern Warfare: Soldiers Vs Pirates, With Helmet Cameras

In this clip, Marines storm (and shoot up) a cargo ship that had been hijacked by pirates. If you think that sounds like something out of a Modern Warfare game, thanks to a helmet camera, it looks like it, too.

These six Dutch Marines, from the HNLMS Tromp, boarded the MV Taipan in the Indian Ocean on April 5, which had earlier been seized by ten Somali pirates. After a brief exchange of fire (including a barrage from the helicopter's machine gun), all ten pirates were captured, and the 13 crew - who had hidden in the engine compartment, hence the shooting - were rescued unharmed.

Despite the absence of night-vision, grenades and copious amounts of heavily-armed Russians, there's something far more tense about this than anything Infinity Ward ever came up with. Probably because, you know, this is real.

[via Kottke]


    What language is this it sounds so bad...

    (No offence to the nationality, just had to mute the vid)


    is that duct tape on the gun attaching the torch?

      Soldiers commonly strap their gun attachments with duct tape to keep them from coming off, keep wiring in place, keep metal parts from making noise etc. Duct tape (100mph tape) has many other uses for the common soldier.

    Damn - I was hoping for a slow-mo breach and clear

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