Rebel Scum It Up With New Star Wars Xbox 360 Avatar Gear

Show your Rebel pride, your Imperial allegiance or your carefree bounty hunter love with new The Empire Strikes Back-themed Avatar gear, adorable enough to force almost any Star Wars fan to drop Microsoft Points on virtual clothing.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, LucasArts is exploring new money making opportunities in the form of Xbox Live Avatar gear. Lightsabres, mini-Tauntauns, novelty Yoda hats... it's all here! Even Bossk gets some love.

The following Avatar items, including that somewhat creepy-looking Chewbacca outfit, will be available on Xbox Live starting Thursday, May 20th, the day before Empire turns 30. Yikes!

Celebrate 30 Years of Empire with Xbox Live Avatars []



      'What did you do with that dog we kidnapped?'
      'Killed it and ate it!'
      'Yeah, Rebels!'

      The Bossk outfit is sorely tempting, but Fett is my first priority. Then perhaps the Rebel flight suit.

    Thats actually some pretty cool gear, will see how its priced before i get any though.

    Wonder how much they'll run to. I'm actually tempted by the snowtrooper

    That's a pretty bad texture job on chewbacca's face. Butterflying much?

      What'd you expect? I'd describe Avatar gear as cheap and nasty, but they're usually anything but cheap.

    we can get a black dude mask too awesome

    what about an r2d2 pet :(

    Battlefront 3?

    Wow... Yoda fans get screwed pretty bad there...

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