Red Dead Redemption PS3 Versus Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360

The great thing about multi-platform games is that owners of different consoles get to play the same game. But what about when the game isn't exactly the same?

As it has been pointed out (via website CVG), the Xbox 360 version of cowboy game Red Dead Redemption runs at 720p, while the PS3 version runs at 640p. Meaning? Meaning that the PS3 version of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption is at a lower resolution. There also was a discrepancy for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Rockstar's last huge game Grand Theft Auto IV. I got the PS3 version of GTAIV - it was fine!

Previously, SEGA's action game Bayonetta also seemed to suffer from multi-platform discrepancies with the Xbox 360 looking sharper than the muddier PS3 version.

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    Just another case of development targetting the least powerful console. Without Direct3D, they were lost, and so wrote a software renderer. :)

      If a full dev suite like Direct3D isnt supplied who do you blame for teh developer taking the software render path? Sony or the Dev?

    I, Mike Baxter, approve of this story. It's just another indicator that the supposedly powerful cells and other marketing gaff is all hiding the fact that the Xbox is more powerful and better. 80p less resolution? That's horrible.

      that comment was so stupid it made me wanna rip my eyes out, do your research you big mouthed douche.

      Bjorn, it IS more powerful. Have you seen Uncharted, Heavy Rain or half of the other PS3 exclusives available? Its been said time and time again, even by independent studios that that kind of quality just cannot exist on 360 and if you look at the hardware specs thats clear.

      Unfortunately lower framerates mean lazy or rushed development... when a game engine is optimized for a certain system (in this case 360) it becomes a lot harder to port that same game over to another system.

      But honestly the PS3 version still looks great. I've had the luxury of trying them both out and honestly I cant see a difference - its certainly not as obvious as comparison pictures would have you believe (in those, the game looks terrible!)

      Hahahaha really? Wow, just wow.

      When the 360 has a game that comes close to the graphics of Uncharted 2 or God of War 3, let me know.

      And yes, I own a 360 & PS3. I just bought Alan Wake, I'm loving it, but at times it looks very dull.

      I was trolling. "My console is better than yours" fanboy wars are dumb and I regret fanning the flames. Sarcasm is impossible to get right online and I shouldn't have tried. Mike's got nothing to do with this, I was baiting him and should have kept that private.

      Development factors outside our knowledge always affect multi-console games, so we have no idea of the resources spent on which version and the limitations (technical, publisher, deadlines etc) which result in varying qualities. There are games that look better on Xbox, games that look better on PS3 and devs have gotten some amazing graphics out of the Wii and 'lesser' consoles too.

      Oh and I'd play RDR at even 576 lines of interlaced jaggedness. It's not the graphics, nor the resolution thereof, it's the world Rockstar have created that is the achievement for me.

    @spider: Having worked on cross platform HD games I would be almost certain that, in fact, they more likely targetted the PS3. Oh I see, so your first comment still stands.

      strangely i've been told the exact opposite from my friends in the gaming development industry

      ps3 can 360
      360 can't ps3

      ie do it for 360, it will 'work' on the ps3, maybe slightly lower frame rates or a slightly lower resolution, the same cant be said if they try to go the other way.
      the Cell requires a totally different programming approach to get the best out of it and therefore it is only ps3 exclusives that really shine.

    80p difference in resolution is negligible, with almost anyone being hard pressed to see the difference in the amount of pixels. However the difference in shading between most xbox and PS3 games is noticeable, with some interesting outcomes. As to which machine is better, hard to tell, on paper the PS3 has the balls, but it's up to developers to push the PS3 to it's limits. The xbox has already hit it's ceiling tho, I'm consistently underwhelmed by each new release, Alan Wake looking very blocky at times.

    Sometimes you really just have to say...

    Who cares!

    I'm buying this on the 360 - are the PS3 graphics still great? Yes. Are they receiving the same treatment minus 80p resolution? Yes.
    Is it that noticeable? No.

    Totally fed up with the arguments fanboys on each side have in regards to how powerful each console is and what produces better graphics. It all comes down to personal taste really.
    Sure Uncharted 2 is probably the nicest game going around - but I really liked Borderlands graphics - I guess I 'could' say they are better than Uncharted. Eh whatever, the girls are still gonna argue no matter what... just take it elsewhere seriously!

      Putas ftw!

      I kid.

      Good points.

      Personally I think the decision for me may come down to having payed all GTAs on PS. I'm used to playing R* on the PS controller ergo PS3 purchase.

      Having said that my PS3 is playing up a bit so my 360 might be the reliable option. I know - what fresh hell is this?

    I think this just shows that it's harder for developers to reach each consoles full potential when they are making the same game for multi-platforms. Look at games like Gears Of War and Uncharted. Those games look awesome because the developers only had to concentrate on the game's development on 1 console.

    To get a game like Red Dead Redemption to look as good as it does on both platforms is an achievement in itself! So who cares if the PS3 version has a slightly less resolution. The average joe isn't gonna notice the difference and the gameplay remains the same so everyone will have just as much fun on both platforms! :)

    This fanboy war is still studid. The PS3 is better technically, but multiplats are generally better on 360. And PC owns all. :)

    for someone who cries about crap graphics and hates ps3, i am sure as hell happy that i bought an xbox LOL

    Probably because it runs on DirectX on 360 and PC, and Open GL on PS3.

    Therefore if they program for a certain API, they go for DirectX then OpenGL on the side (but obviouslt put alot of emphasis on it).

    I own a PS3 and a 360, I'm still buying it on PS3 cause my friends are getting it on PS3, wich at the end of the day is far more important then a bit of resolution.

    So.. how long until RDR hits PC?

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