Red Dead Redemption Raises Irish Ire For Its Token Drunk

Red Dead Redemption Raises Irish Ire For Its Token Drunk

Rockstar Games’ latest may be getting high marks from the gaming enthusiast press, but Red Dead Redemption doesn’t seem to be as warmly received by Ireland’s Evening Herald newspaper, which labels the game’s Irish sot a “nasty surprise.”

“The stereotype of the drunken Paddy will again be taken advantage of, as the game’s town drunk is called ‘Irish’,” writes the Herald‘s web site. And while the Herald’s choice of headline says the whiskey filled man known as Irish “sours launch of hit game,” it also calls Red Dead Redemption “the biggest video game in 10 years.”

The rest of the hype piece is largely favourable, so the characterisation of Irish may not have inspired too much bitterness.

The Guardian‘s Keith Stuart previously noted in this Red Dead preview that “this wouldn’t be a Rockstar title without at least one knockabout stereotype,” which reads like a similarly fair assessment.

No doubt Rockstar Games is just sick with worry over any brewing controversy surrounding Red Dead Redemption. If there’s one thing they seem to detest it’s bad press!

Irish ‘drunk’ sours launch of hit game [ via GamePolitics]


  • The ‘drunken Irishman’ stereotype has been around for so long, that the Irish should be innoculated by now.

    • You really are a bit of a moron. I would tell you to go hump skippy but you prob already do. G’daaay sport!!!

  • This game is slow as shit. I’d rather mow my lawns. And the horse turning = hooves sliding around on the ground! Plus the sparse land = boring travelling, think San Andreas, in the forest on a push bike. YAWN

  • The fact of the matter remains in the late 19th century the Irish were the lower classes, which meant to get by they had to drink lots of alcohol to ‘drown their sorrows’. I’m afraid any depiction of the period would be incomplete with out it.

    Of course there would be a HUGE out cry if there were Blacks, Asians treated with the same level of impertinence. Maybe there are, I’m only 4 hours in.

  • I think about the huge number of hilarious Eastern European stereotypes in GTAIV and can’t help but think the Irish need to chill out.

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