Red Dead Redemption "Short Film" Looks A Lot Like A "Trailer"

Here's a trailer for this weekend's Red Dead Redemption "short film", which believe it or not has been done by John Hillcoat, director of The Road and, more importantly, The Proposition.

I say "believe it or not" because it doesn't look any different to the regular trailers for the game. Whether that's a limitation of machinima - the use of in-game assets to create a film - or a pat on the back for Rockstar's marketers I'm not sure, but when a talented Hollywood director (with Western pedigree, no less) is attached to something like this, you hope for something a little more.

Then again, who knows, the final 30-minute "film" may surprise us all!

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    For anyone who didn't read the other post about this: The Proposition is the best Australian film in a long, long time. Watch it. Buy it on DVD. Give copies to friends for their birthdays, sleep with it under your pillow.

    Any word on a local airing?

    Surely we can expect this to be viewable on the Rockstar site after its airing.


    Ebert says:

    GAMES cant be art...


    MOVIES CAN be art...

    So Mr Ebert:

    Can a MOVIE made from a GAME be art?

    Surely we can expect this to be viewable via a method known as bittorrent.

    I don't think that was actually any of the clips from the final movie. I can place most of those clips and voice overs from cutscenes in the game.

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