Red Dead Redemption Spawns Short Film For Fox

Red Dead Redemption Spawns Short Film For Fox

Rockstar’s latest gets a little late night air time, courtesy of Fox. Red Dead Redemption begets a 30-minute short, directed by John Hillcoat (The Road), using nothing but in-game assets. See how that works on May 29 at midnight. [Rockstar]

Kotaku AU Note: We’ve contacted Rockstar to ascertain when this will be airing locally.


  • I love the idea of prolific directors getting on board with machinima, even if it is for promotional reasons.
    The Proposition was incredible, so another western by John Hillcoat, even in this form (machinima) is more than welcome.

  • This sound like it’s going to be atmospheric at the very least.

    I wish I had access to the Dev tools to do something like this, of the Machinma I could make…

  • This will be “airing” in Australia not long after someone puts it up on the net post US screening. I won’t hold my breath for an official local release.

  • Hopefully it will use the Xbox 360 rather than the inferior PS3 version :p

    Or, it could use the (as yet unannounced) PC version graphics. Higher res, higher detail.

  • Interesting idea… which reminds me, what ever happened to that open source Blade Runner project that the Scott brothers were talking about last year?

  • Dear everyone,

    Nick Cave wrote a screenplay, which was directed by John Hillcoat and it was the best damn thing to come out of Australian cinema in a very long time. Watch it. Now. The Proposition.

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