Red Dead Redemption's Truly, Truly Dastardly Achievement

Take a cowboy, a damsel in distress and one speeding train. What do you get?

Red Dead Redemption is from Rockstar, the folks behind the Grand Theft Auto series - so don't be too surprised. Though, we certain this poor lady would get caught in the train's cow catcher.

It's there to clear obstacles off the tracks and maybe even prevent travesties like this!


    haha, thats awesome! Now I want this game even more! Where's the outcry from the moral majority?

      Christ almighty! Don't show the SCAG or Family first etc or we'll NEVER get an R18 rating!!

    Looks fun, didn't seem like his horse cared for it much though.

    Ludicrous gibs! Not enough games include gibbers these days, it's all fancy pants ragdoll, and euphoria. Good to see Rockstar bring back gibs. Now all it needs is a good shotty and it'll be perfect.

    Is there a Clayton Ravine (or perhaps Eastwood Ravine)?
    Or perhaps some ZZ Top music hiding in there?

    Surely if they can put something like this in, there has to be some sort of Back to the Future 3 reference.

      theres probably a delorean hiding in a mine somewhere...

        Great scott! That's what I would say if they put any of that in the game. Hahaha.

    Not sure who he has on the track in this vid, but the one where they hog tie a nun then dump her on the tracks is more awesome..

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