Relief In Sight PlayStation 3 Dragon Age: Origins Crashing Issues

Relief In Sight PlayStation 3 Dragon Age: Origins Crashing Issues

A patch to fix the frequent crashing issue that’s plagued PlayStation 3 players of Dragon Age: Origins since the release of firmware 3.3 is currently being tested by BioWare, though an actual release date is still up in the air.

According to a posting on the official BioWare forums by online producer Fernando Melo, the team working on the PS3 crashing issue has finally come up with a solution, thanks in no small part to player feedback.

Thanks to the great feedback on here and from those folks we’ve been in contact with directly, the team now thinks we’ve been able to find a code-side workaround from our end to patch DA to play nicer with firmware 3.3, which was one of our investigation threads.

Unfortunately there could still be a long wait ahead for patch hopefuls.

We are currently testing this proposed code change as I write this, and if successful the next step will be for it to go into EA’s publisher side certification testing. They are aware of the importance of this and will give this priority in the queue of titles/patches across EA. And once that clears, it will go into Sony cert testing.

Still, it’s good to know relief is in sight, right? Hold on, they’re coming.

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