Remember, Sonic Games Can't Please Everyone


    No, but they should please the people who enjoy a good Mario game...

    I mean that's why that little blue bastard exists.

    Bullshit. You don't need to be all things to all people. You need to build a game that is fast, arcadey fun. It should probably have a weird looking blue thing in it that you pass off as a hedgehog.

    No extra characters, no boring fetch quests, no poorly written raps about pumpkins and emeralds, no anthropomorphic animal on human love stories... wait, no humans at all. No time travelling gender ambiguous hedgehogs from the future, no swords, no guns... You need to try to STOP being all things to all gamers and make something that someone will want to play.

    I'm counting on this not being Sonic 2006.

      But those raps were hilarious! Hilariously bad, mind you, but hilarious none-the-less.

        rap is funny...but not that funny...

    No, Sonic does *not* need to be all things to all gamers. This is what has turned so many people away from Sonic, particularly those of us who started all the way back with the first Sonic the Hedgehog game.

    surely sega have some sonic pride, cant they make a game like the ones I enjoyed as a young boy!!! sonic, sonic2 + sonic & knuckles, sonic 3 ... MAGNIFICIENT !!!! first time I my life I sat 2 metres away from the t.v. just glued there ... !!!!


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