Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    I was going to say one of the vampirella games,
    but upon closer inspection.. I wouldn;t have a clue

    This looks like the kind of RPG I hired after playing my first Zelda and thinking "RPGs RULE!!!".

    I was sadly dissapointed.

    Death watch? Maybe Death watch 2

    it definitely looks like one of the old Might And Magic games

    the name escapes me but im thinking the one before Day Of the Destroyer....

    Eye of the Beholder 3?

    Looks like Eye of the Beholder 2 or 3

    originally i thought ultima underworld... but i think i'm wrong now...

    I would say Eye of the Beholder, but i'm not sure which one.

    All wrong so far.

    Black Crypt of the amiga, by Raven Software.
    There first and only amiga game, and yes it is that Raven software.

    This game was awesome, I played it and Eye of the beholder 2, they both came out around the same time, I think.

    Raven started working on porting it to the PC a while ago, but it only got a 2 level demo. :(

    Oh well, emulation for the win.

    PS. This is one of my most favourate games ever!

      Well done, Adam. I think it was actually Raven's very first game (I could be wrong though). Sadly, it was all downhill from there for them...

        Can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not David. If it was all downhill from this game (which I've never played), then Black Crypt must be up there in the charts with Planescape. They had plenty of great games after that...

        Heretic, HeXen 1 and 2, SoF 1 and 2....

        Surely Jedi Knight Outcast period would have been Raven's Golden Era of games.

          No sarcasm at all. I've never enjoyed a single Raven-developed shooter. Heretic and Hexen were decent, I guess, but Soldier of Fortune was awful and their Jedi Knights paled in comparison to the original Dark Forces. And don't get me started on their more recent output...

            No, no let's get him started ... Quake 4, Wolfenstein. Ugh, actually I think I might stop too.

              Oh wow, I forgot they also made the execrable Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Who keeps giving these guys work?!

                Haven't they got something else coming out soon too?


                Who keeps giving these guys work?! Activision, that's who... and would explain alot.

                Let's hope that Singularity is good, but there isn't high hopes with Activision in the US giving away a free game with it.

                All this talk of shooters, they did very well with X-Men Origins : Wolverine, so perhaps they should switch to making only brawlers...

                  Yeah, let them make Black Crypt 2. ;)

                  Then I shall be a happy camper.

            sif! I played dark forces, great from like a puzzle / level design standpoint, but jedi outcast was awesome! WAY better than stupid force unleashed!

        Yeah, I think it was the first game they made.

        It had a lot of really cool features for a dungeon master clone, and some nice hardware tricks to make it look pretty.

        It wasn't just walk around and kill everything like EOB, there were certain conditions to killing some enemies, like the invisible ones, and needing to breath underwater, and BOSS enemies.

    Whatever it is some of those guys need a good waxing. That or Chagall needs to go equip himself a +1 monobrow as well. And is Eli rocking a wand in one hand and a turtle in the other?

    Amiga game called Black Crypt

    That screenshot reminded me of a game called dungeon master... good old days :)

    A new HeXen would be nice. The first one was brilliant!

    yes Black Crypt ...Spent hours on that game on my Amiga 1200 ... :)

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