Report: Gears Of War 3 Is Like Waterworld, Minus Kevin Costner [Correction]

Report: Gears Of War 3 Is Like Waterworld, Minus Kevin Costner [Correction]

According to translations of a big Gears of War 3 piece in a Russian gaming mag, Epic’s upcoming shooter will take place on the open sea.

The story below was originally published on Kotaku on May 5, based on a translated article. A correction/clarification follows.

There are plenty more details ahead, but be warned, some of you may consider them to be spoilers, so yeah. You’ve been warned.

If the translations from Epic’s forums are on the money, Gears 3 takes place 18 months after the events of Gears 2. In the months since the flooding of the planet, humanity’s government has collapsed, the remnants of the species fleeing to the seas, splitting up into “tribes” and taking care of themselves.

One of these outposts is called “Raven’s Nest”, a large man-made island built of several warships slung together. Much of the game’s action takes place on and beneath this ship/island, with Marcus joined by Dom, Cole, a newly-combative Anya and, DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT, Marcus’ father Adam.

Perhaps most interesting, however, is word from Epic that while Gears 3 concludes Marcus Fenix’s trilogy, there’ll be plenty more Gears games on the horizon, including prequels, spin-offs and “maybe even a transition to a new genre”.

Other tidbits: there’s confirmation the game has mechs – called “Silverbacks” – and Gears 3’s difficulty will also be scaled back, Epic claiming around 60% of players never bothering to finish the last game.

For the full translation, head over to Epic’s forums.

Gears of War 3 [Epic]

CORRECTION: Following the publication of the preceding post, Gears of War creative lead Cliff Bleszinski publicly Tweeted that the information from the Russian magazine was “badly translated”, some of it “false”. Bleszinski provided more direct clarification to Kotaku.

-Our post based on the translation of the article from Epic’s forums had stated that “much of” the action in Gears of War 3 takes place on or below the water-bound outpost Raven’s Nest. But Bleszinski explains that only one of the game’s levels occurs on Raven’s Nest, just as only one part of the first Gears occurred on a train.

-On the Waterworld comparison, Bleszinski tells us that the Hollow (the underground of the game’s world) was flooded, not the planet’s surface.

-The new game’s difficulty is not exactly being “scaled back” from that of its predecessors. The easiest difficulty level of Gears of War 3, Casual, has been made easier, but the other difficulty levels will remain similar in challenge to their counterparts in the previous games.

-While details about the Gears of War 3 frame-rate did not appear in Kotaku’s original post, the translation of the Russian article, now removed from Epic’s forums, appeared to quote Bleszinski saying the new game would run at a lower frame-rate than earlier Gears titles. The developer told Kotaku that his studio is “targeting 30-plus [frames per-second]as always.”


    • I know right? Gears 1, casual was actually casual, and insane was a fair challenge. Gears 2 pathetic, playing it on casual, I practically survived on a Boltok and frags. And insane was eh. Now they’re scaling it back more? Disappointed. They can redeem their selves by making insane ridiculously insane. Like. One shot dead. POW! That’ll be …. interesting…..

      • The best term I’ve heard lately is ‘content tourist’ mode. They should keep standard difficulties up, and provide that as a mode for the time poor (I’m one of them) that wants to have fun, see some cool stuff, kill some bad guys, and not get frustrated 🙂

        • i agree. they should make an easy difficulty for people who just want to play through quickly and easily, but they shouldn’t lower the rest of the difficulties just because there are so many noobs out there playing gears. on gears 2 i finished it on insane without breaking a sweat.

          • “The new game’s difficulty is not exactly being “scaled back” from that of its predecessors. The easiest difficulty level of Gears of War 3, Casual, has been made easier, but the other difficulty levels will remain similar in challenge to their counterparts in the previous games.”

            Agree with people though, the casual setting I started with in gears 1 was too easy, so when 2 came out went straight for hard to get the insane level (can’t remember the actual names off the top of my head)

            But thougth it was good being tough to get through, gives you a sense of achivement

  • Yeah, I thought Gear 2 was super easy – I even finished the co-op campaign on Insane(?) on my own, split screen, juggling two controllers.

  • Yeah I have to say the original game on normal difficulty wasn’t all that bad, perhaps they’re just scaling back the harder difficulties.

    I’d put good money on a new genre being a Gears of War RTS. Something along the lines of Halo Wars, I mean just look at all the military hardware that they show off in the campaign, I’m sure they’d look at that and think ‘we have all these great vehicles, lets make use of them.’ As to if it would work remains to be seen, I think Halo Wars was really good compared to other console RTS games, but still not quite enough to tempt me to buy.

  • Gears on water, with the chance of spin-offs? Well that explains why their new IP Bulletstorm is a game based around pirates.

    Think about it, it could be in the aftermath of the locust’s defeat (I assume? I don’t own an XBox, and have only played the first on PC). Humanity’s rebuilt civilization, while mostly living off the sea. It could also explain the leading off into a new genre, as GOW is 3rd person, and BS is 1st person (although I’m not sure that really qualifies as a genre change as they’re both action titles). And the giant plants and things could be mutations of the remnant locust strains or some shit like that.

  • I didn’t finish 1 and 2.

    I rage quit so many times during that Raam dude in 1 that I stopped trying, and gave up during 2 some time around the level where you’re riding the horse / locust / flying creature thingy.

    I accept that I’m not as good as some of the other players out there… but my money is just as good, and damnit I’d like to be able to finish one.

    I wouldn’t mind if the lowered the difficulty for some of the bosses / levels. I like a challenge, but I like to be able to overcome it too.

      • It started on hard, because someone told me it was a cakewalk… by the time I gave up I’d moved to casual.

        • Fair enough you couldn’t finish it on hard, casual is fairly easy though. Did you end up finishing it on casual, or you just couldn’t be bothered anymore? Normally, I do a casual run through and just blast through everyone and everything, and then do it on insane, just because I can. Not because I’m a trophy.achievement whore. And besides, if you ever get, stuck, there’s always youtube!

  • Those 60% were gamers who didn’t buy the game upon launch and word of mouth was given to not complete the crappy ending.

    I don’t blame that 60% – worse ending ever. Along with Borderlands.

    SO after this, they’re gonna do a prequel to Gears 3 to tell the 18 months lost story and then another prequel of how the war with the Locus began which is set before Gears 1. Wouldn’t surprise me actually.

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