Report: Goodbye, "Project Natal"

Project Natal is, if you hadn't worked it out by the whole "project" bit, simply a working title for Microsoft's upcoming motion sensing peripheral. What's its actual name? We don't know, but we're about to find out.

A report on Edge says that Natal's final, actual name will be revealed as part of Microsoft's E3 showcase. Which is a bit of a shame. Like Nintendo's public code names, I'd grown quite attached to the whole "Natal" name, and will - for a while at least - have trouble calling it anything else.

Especially if that "anything else" is something stupid. Which, considering Natal is being targeted at casual and family users, it may well be.

So goodbye, "Project Natal". It's been an interesting eleven months. Especially so given the fact that, because I'm a bit of a Rugby fan, every time I say "Natal" I think of the South African province, and not a "birth" as it's intended. Which is just... odd.

Natal To Cost $US149 – Source [Edge]


    Just out of interest, are people pronouncing it Nuh-tahl, or Nay-tel?


        I was dismayed to hear that on the A Current Affair story on it :P

        I always said, and will until the true name is revealed, Nay-tel :P

          Same. I'd thought it would have been pronounced 'nay-tel' as in birth related, but it seems it might be 'nuh-tahl' after the place. Which just seems plain stupid to me. What is the significance of this place?

          Anyways... Not that it is really all that important...

        Ta for pointing that out - discussed this with a mate last night and we were both stumped as to which way to swing.

      named after the city but has it's links to 'birth'

    I've been calling it nuh-tahl, but was freaked out when I heard it called naytle last week, then realised I had totally missed the point.

    Just going from that image, my guess for the new name would be:
    HAL 9000

    "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you play this game."


      I've got that shirt.

      That phrase under a red ring of death.

      haha you totally just made my day :)

    Nuttela ?


    Money shot?

    Its got a few different meanings...

    All end up meaning something bad for you,
    so it perfectly describes this device.

    I'm calling it now, they're going to call it the "move box"

    i think "Natal" is a good game

    I heard they were going to try to copy Nintendo's approach and call it the "Xbox 360 Poo".

    I eagerly await the new logo.

    They should call this "Weight Loss Cam"

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