Report: Heavy Rain To Pour In Movie Theatres

Report: Heavy Rain To Pour In Movie Theatres

PlayStation 3 serial killer game Heavy Rain may be bringing its tale of suspense, child abduction and wet tank tops to a theatre near you. A deal to secure screen rights to the Quantic Dream game is reportedly wrapping up.

Deadline New York writes that production company Unique Features is close to sealing said deal, having outbid all comers. Unique is headed by execs Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne who, while at New Line, produced Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings films and the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

While there’s no guarantee that Heavy Rain the game will eventually spawn Heavy Rain the movie, add to the long list of potential video games turned film franchises.

Movie Deal In Forecast For PlayStation 3 Serial Killer Game ‘Heavy Rain’ [Deadline]


  • I could see the whole Oragami Killer thing making a good theme for a movie, but not the actual game. It was good as a game, but would be extremely average as a movie

  • It was initially supposed to be both a game and a movie. There were negotiations with New Line and everything was pretty much set for a common release date. The movie would have been co directed by David Cage. But with delays in the development the movie release got canned – for a while. Don’t tell anybody I told you 😉

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