Report: Home Finally Leaving Beta, "Is Not S**t"

Report: Home Finally Leaving Beta, "Is Not S**t"

Kirk Ewing, from PlayStation Home developer Veemee (who make virtual spaces and items), reckons Sony’s underwhelming virtual network service will be emerging from its long-running beta at the end of this year.

Having entered an “open beta” in December 2008, Home has been in that state ever since, despite appearing for all intents and purposes to be fully armed and operational. While for some it’s been a useful tool for chit-chat and furniture organisation, for most it’s been a disappointment, Sony’s original plan for an online “hub” central to both communication and multilayer gaming never really materialising in a world awash with soulless avatars and user-paid advertising.

According to Ewing, though, that beta phase will be coming to an end this December, when Home opens for real. He also has some words for the service’s detractors, telling attendees at the Game in Scotland event in Dundee, “Most people think that Home is sh*t. I’m here to say that it’s not.”

PlayStation Home out of beta later this year [PlayTM, via VG247]


    • that’s what i thought, didn’t it say it came out of beta end of last year? And i recall that the download screwed up and required a deletion and new install. So if it doesnt go out of said ‘beta’ till later this year, then what did they mean by ‘beta’ end of last year?

  • I’ve only set foot in Home two times, but two times was enough to tell me that it’s a place I never want to go back to. I think it’s just a problem with the whole concept. I have no doubt in my mind that the idea of home was conceived right around the time social networks were booming so customising your own “space” and look was probably a big thing. But that’s not what people want these days. No one cares what virtual crap I have cluttering my home or what in game t-shirt I’m wearing. If I honestly wanted to really communicate with my PS3 friends (all one of them that I actually talk to) i just want an instant messaging system, I don’t want to have to log into some world then walk around find my friend then talk to him.

    The only way I can see Home not sucking in the future is if Sony scrap the whole idea and offer us free stuff for ever having to put up with it in the first place. I’ll expect my Copy of Modnation Racers in the mail Kaz Hirai.

  • Could see the point if home actually was interesting. I’m thinking Free Realms for PS3 will be what home should have been, a social place mixed with a game

    • See, I think that’s how they should’ve gone with Home. Not made it a seperate part of the console you have to sit and wait through load screens for; it should’ve been seamlessly intergrated with the dashboard (or whatever it’s called on the PS3), the same way avatars just kind of hang around on the 360. They don’t get in the way, they’re actually in the menu itself as decoration.

      Maybe it should be like, you are able to decorate your PS3 menu with things in the background or come up with some sort of nifty menu-in-a-game thing (akin to the menu in Dead Space), where the menu of the PS3 is INSIDE Home, and you can simply press a button to make it appear and disappear while you walk around, or you can watch stuff going on in the background (eg see your friendslist avatars playing games or shopping on the PSN or whatever they’re doing at the time).

      Obviously that’s never going to happen because it’s way too much work and loading etc but… it’d certainly be more interesting than Home.

  • Who the hell cares about Home? It just seems like a creepy Second Life clone (albeit, better looking). And it annoys me to no end when all these out-of-touch media sources go on about Second Life, like it’s a new digital revolution (Like the Matrix! I swear!) when it’s pretty much a den for creepy sexual deviants and furries.

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