Report: Project Natal To Cost Too Much Money

Report: Project Natal To Cost Too Much Money

Would you pay $US149 for Project Natal? According to a report from Edge, that’s what current Xbox 360 owners should expect to pay when the much-hyped motion sensing camera from Microsoft launches later this year.

Edge, citing a “trusted source”, the same individual who fed the outlet details on Gears of War 3’s coming out party, also claims the Project Natal accessory will be available as a bundle. The Xbox 360 Arcade version of the console, plus Natal, will reportedly arrive at $US299. Xbox 360 Arcade units are currently going for $US199, with a pair of games included.

Natal at $US149 may be a better deal than the amount some European retailers were attaching to the device, a price tag that Microsoft called “pure speculation“. But at 50 bucks shy of the console itself and a couple games, it ain’t cheap.

Whether it’s too rich for your blood depends on your financial circumstances, but early reaction to the price doesn’t appear to be overwhelmingly positive.

Natal To Cost $US149 – Source [Edge]


  • Yeesh…. I’m not sure I’m prepared to day one purchase Natal for kicks if its going to be that expensive…. well maybe I will seeing as the numbers of us who do it will be so few!

  • Yeah, at that price I’m going to pass. Given that we’re in Aus, expect the price to be around $300+ (regardless of import prices).

  • Didn’t they take the processor out of Natal to keep its price down?

    If we are talking around $AU 300 here, I’ll take a wait and see approach – and I quite like the idea of Natal, so I don’t see this price tag converting the unbelievers.

  • I’ll be getting it.

    I doubt it will be more than $200 here… but even if it is $300 that’s no more than a Wii.

  • $300 AUD or something close like $290. Will depend on what games support Natal before I make a purchase, even then probably next year when the price drops a bit and they’ve cleaned up the inevitable bugs.

  • I’m going to wait and see how it is supported in the coming months before stumping up the cash. If I see some ground-breaking applications/games appearing, then it’ll be worth it at that price. Of course, if after six months it’s looking pretty lame…. forget it!

  • This is going to be a colossal failure if its over $150 AU. Im more excited in the Move if anything. More accurate/ better graphics Wii style gameplay. The whole pack is going to be under $99 US apparently so Its going to be cheaper than Natal.

  • That number would come to around $AU200, or on par with buying 2 sets of Move controllers plus 2 (nunchuk) navigators.

  • i have a wii, i cant have 2 sensor/cameras on my tv… i also have 3 wii motes and 2 nunchucks, so i dont need move either…

  • By pure speculation they mean using it to gauge a market and seeing if they need to buy their own products out again.

  • Lest not forget that Microsoft took a bath on the xbox / 360, just to ensure that they built up a market.

    I just don’t see them pricing themselves outside the competition on this. If Move does release in June, the MS have all the time up until the release of Fable to change their price.

    • Okay… WHERE did you get June from? NO way would it release in June.

      Even if announced at E3 – pre-ordering is a good way to promote a product. Seeing it in store ‘Taking Pre-orders’ teases the product to people, promotes it and increases demand.

      E3 is in MID-June. If it was gonna be released that early, a device thats meant to bring a whole new generation to the current generation, LATE July at the earliest. It’s almost as big as a console announcement/release and its not like the PS3 or Wii was announced at E3 and released even a month later.

  • The concept, whilst cool, hasn’t sold me as a fun gaming device. Adding close to 100% of the price of an Xbox doesn’t look like converting me from the PS3…

  • As I said before, over a $100 and there’s going to be a pretty limited amount of people out there getting it. Unless it can do some really impressive stuff, I expect it to go the way of the Zune.

  • Since they’ve removed the hardware aspect from Natal, how is it any different from a fancy looking webcam which comes with motion tracking software?

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