Report Reckons Steam Coming To Linux, Too

If a report in Britain's The Telegraph is to be believed, then Valve's Steam service isn't happy just making the jump to the Mac, as it's now on its way to Linux operating systems as well.

"Valve has also confirmed that it will make Steam available to Linux users in the coming months", the report states, though since this is the first anyone has heard of it - at least officially - we've contacted Valve for clarification.

There is of course not much stopping them from doing so. Especially when you consider Linux Steam "shells" have already been found in the wild.

Steam for Mac goes live [The Telegraph][image credit]


    This is excellent (if entirely unproven) news!

    Are the new Mac and (possible) Linux versions limited to being played online with people sharing their OS? Please tell me they made the new version compatible online with the Windows version.

      If you mean can people playing on mac playing something like tf2 contact those on a windows machine playing tf2, and can friends running on the two different platforms talk to each other via steam, then yes, they can.

      Both mac and windows games (for example, TF2) use the same servers so yes, if you are playing on PC you can play with your mac buddy!

    So, I will be able to login via my N900 & play?!?

    if linux was still on ps3, would that mean you could theoretically get steam games to run on your ps3?

      Theoretically, no, you can't. The PS3 doesn't let Linux access its hardwares full potential. In other words, you can't utilize 3D Acceleration and Big amounts of Processing speed, which are needed for decent gaming performance.

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