Report: Red Dead Redemption Apparently Cost...

The last big Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto IV cost roughly $US100 million.

The most expensive game (well, before Grand Theft Auto IV) was SEGA's Shenmue, which came in at a cool $US70 million to develop. But in 2008, Rockstar producer Leslie Benzies guestimated that GTAIV cost about $US100 million.

According to the UK's Daily Mail (yes, yes, I know), Red Dead Redemption is giving GTA a run for...its money. From the paper: "Makers Rockstar Games are thought to have spent up to $US100million on the long-awaited project."

No word on where that figure came from. The game was first shown in 2005 and had a rocky development, it seems.

Kotaku is following up with Rockstar and will update if the developer comments.

Update: According to the New York Times, development costs were between $US80-$US100 million.

Update 2: UK outlet Develop spoke to the Mail, reporting that the paper seems to have guessed at the $US100 million figure, quoting an unnamed source at the Mail as saying "It's not based on anything we have heard about."

Red Dead Redemption: Groundbreaking video game lets players relive the Wild West | Mail Online [Mail Online Thanks, Sweet Music!]


    I wonder how much of that went to the excessive level of advertising the game has had. It's been on like every website, bus-stop and bus I've seen in the past two weeks.

      I had the same thought about Avatar, the movie not the game (though the game was so awful maybe it was just an ad for the movie...)

    I doubt the number, the underlying tech powering the game was developed on GTA4's budget. Sure there was some tweaking an refining, but that would have saved a good chunk of cash.

    How much would they have to sell to gain any substantial profit i wonder

    I would have thought it cheaper, now that they have the technology worked out.

    Oh, what do I care? They'll make it all back in a week or two.

      yeah true that. rockstar rep + advertising + cowboys BANG BANG = $100mill+ easy

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