Review Round Up: A Well Oiled Machine

From the streets to the skies, it was a week of Kotaku reviews that had a historical streak, with games set in medieval, Old West and feudal Japanese periods, as well as one very modern beanbag.

3D Dot Game Heroes Review: Connecting The Dots To The Past In which Mike Fahey enjoys the many links to legendary games of the past.

After Burner Climax Review: You Will Do A Barrel Roll In which I write checks that my body can't cash (and a lighting fast review of the game).

Super Street Fighter IV Review: Rebirth of a Gaming Nation In which Brian Crecente finds the sequel to Street Fighter IV more of a Hakan than a Hakan't.

Lead & Gold Review: Fool's Gold In which Luke Plunkett lists what's wrong and what's pyrite about this wild west shooter.

Sumosac Gigantor Bean Bag Chair Review: It's Nothing Like Standing Up In which Mike Fahey announces Kotaku's first candidate for Cat Launching Furniture of the Year.

Mikado Defenders Micro-Review: Sold For The iPhone, Made For The iPad In which Stephen Totilo thinks "Aren't you a little short for a tower defence game?"

Chaos Rings Review: Ring Around The iPhone In which Mike Fahey completes his second role-playing game of the week, this time an iPhone game that would've felt right on the PlayStation.


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