Review Round Up: No Love Lost

What a week for Kotaku reviews! There were nine of them - 10 if you count Owen Good's impromptu review of the KFC Double Down "sandwich". Read on for our scoreless reviews of Nier, Alan Wake and much, much more.

Tecmo Bowl Throwback Micro-Review: Retro-Rockin' Football In which Owen Good's NFL team bias is laid out in full. He hates the Cowboys!

Picross 3D Review: Block The Monkey In which I... wait, I'll tell you in a second. I'm almost done with this puzzle.

Iron Man 2 Movie Review: Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys? In which Luke Plunkett is ensnared by the Black Widow, but sees red when remembering Scarlet Johansson.

Nier Review: Not Without His Daughter In which Mike Fahey finds beauty in the ugliness of Nier. What? He's the one who said he looked like a dog.

FIFA World Cup 2010 Review: I Got 199 Teams, But Vatican City Ain't One In which Luke Plunkett loses a game to his wife.

Alan Wake Review: Transcending Its Medium In which Brian Crecente can practically be heard beaming with delight over the horror of it all.

Gurlz Vs Robots Micro Review: 11 Fingers of Fun In which Brian Crecente gets touchy feely with 11 of his extremities. Do not ask to borrow his iPad.

Dante's Inferno: The Trials of St. Lucia Review: Totilo's Inferno In which Stephen Totilo helps to write what could be the inspiration for the next Visceral Games project (or at least a playable trial or two).

Real Racing HD Micro-Review: Relief For The Driving Impaired In which Mike Fahey shows his handicapable side.


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