River City Ransom: The Action Figures!

River City Ransom, one of the more fondly-remembered side-scrollers on the Nintendo Entertainment System, isn't the most obvious choice when it comes to commemorative action figures. Which is probably what makes River City Ransom action figures so great.

Shown off at the Treasure Festa show going on in Japan at the moment, this custom kit doesn't just show the heroes Ryan and Alex, but gives them a few thugs to beat the crap out of as well.

And no, before you ask, you cannot buy this.

Treasure Festa 3: River City Ransom poseable figure set [Tomopop]


    They need to look more like the original NES guys.
    God I loved that game.

    My brother and I would always go to that park area outside of the city and try to play baseball. One would throw the rock and the other tries to hit it with the bat, hilarious watching the batter just get continually whacked in the head with the rock.

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